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Image courtesy of Simon Howden at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Simon Howden at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

People are drawn to a Wholistic way of life for many reasons.  The most common reasons are Illness, Pain, Skin Ailments, Venereal Diseases, Mental Impairment, Emotional Trauma, Weight loss and Spiritual Enlightenment.  However, I have also had clients who simply wanted to learn how to make healthier choices for themselves and their families or they want  a consultation for The Fig Tree Products (Dr. Sebi’s original Herbs).

Many people want to transition to a healthier diet but do not know where to begin. They may primarily be meat eaters who have never known life without it. They may be vegetarians wanting to become vegan or vegans wanting to become fruitarians. They need help finding the right stores, selecting the right products, menu-planning and cooking.

My journey began with the desire to eliminate my seasonal allergies. When I experienced life without Sinus Issues, I wanted to learn more about how I could improve my health and overall well-being. I spent years studying and learning from the best healers of the past and present. Since then, I have also used diet and herbal healing to improve my eyesight as well as eliminate Tinnitus and the pain from Headaches, Carpal Tunnel and Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder.  It is a blessing to assist people, like you, with their healing endeavors.

Start your healing journey today with a one-on-one consultation via phone or Skype. Your initial session (approximately one hour) will involve a comprehensive health assessment, reviewing medical history, health concerns and lifestyle, along with recommendations to help you achieve your goals. Follow-up sessions are generally scheduled to discuss progress or for any additional issues which may have developed since the initial consultation.

Customized written plans are an additional option to be utilized as a reference for all of the information you will receive during the consultation. Additionally, you will be provided with a food guide and, possibly, other reference tools for your specific needs.

To set an appointment, choose from the options below and make a payment. Send an email to mc@divinewiz.com and list your preferred days of the week as well as your preferred time of the day. Please allow 48 hours for a reply.

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