Dare To Love…

We are living in exciting times…We are pioneers of a new frontier..experiencing the dimensional shifts from duality to oneness. While there may be a great deal of uncertainty that typically comes with change, this is an opportunity for us to truly follow our hearts and live our dreams. We must have the courage to trust in the divine power that is within us.

We must listen to our inner hearts. Align our actions with our inner voices and we will prevail. Dare to love other spirits as well as every aspect of ourselves….

Our mission is to facilitate the reconnection to the divine wisdom within each of us. We are one and each of us has a special contribution to the collective whole.

Wellness of the mind and body strengthens the condition of the spirit. The stronger one spirit becomes, the stronger we all become.

We must realign with all of nature, taking special care of the vulnerable life-force in all that is alive on this planet; including the animal and plant kingdoms.

We must recognize and limit the power of our ego so that we remain forever in the present. Let us allow the fear to dissolve and the love to evolve.

To embrace our full capacity to love, we must release the following:

*the need to have more

* the need to feel superior

*the act of being offended

*our concern for reputation

*the need to be right

*the need to win

*identifying on the basis of achievements



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