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Image courtesy of franky242 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Marianne Williamson is one of my favorite writers. In almost every book she writes, she is teaching us how to love. I have heard so many women in conversation and read so many blog posts that make me want to recommend A WOMAN’S WORTH.  I wish I were in a position to do what Oprah did and buy a thousand copies to give away.  Instead, I decided to dedicate a post in praise of this book.

I just finished reading A WOMAN’S WORTH for the second time. I read it a few years ago and it really changed my perspective.  I read it again to help me understand what I had read that changed my life so dramatically.

For me, it served as a wake-up call in regards to relationships with men and women. Life had already shown me but she helped put it into perspective. I had read and experienced other spiritual concepts that were similar; albeit, Williamson deserves credit for the feminine spin. She reminded me of my higher purpose and encouraged me to embrace and love those feminine aspects that are largely shun by society.

I recognize that each woman is at a different stage in her healing journey. Some may not be affected by A WOMAN’S WORTH at all. However, out of 110 reviews on Amazon,  80 people gave it 5 stars and 11 gave it 4 stars.  Most of the comments imply that it is a feel good book which has had a powerful impact.

When I hear women complaining about a man…be it a co-worker, family member  or a partner, I secretly wish I could give them A WOMAN’S WORTH. Sometimes, when I hear a woman complaining about a woman, I want them to read this book. Likewise, I believe a woman who is lacking self-confidence might benefit from this book. Ms. Williamson even addresses parents and women struggling with weight issues.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

“A woman who cannot honor her own feelings will not find them honored by anyone else.”

” Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things are. Joy is what happens when we see that God’s plan is perfect and we’re already staring in a perfect show.”

“To produce a happy child, as a parent, a teacher, a friend, or a society, is to successfully fulfill a divine function.”

Ms. Williamson honors men in the book and believes that they are equally worthy.  In fact she acknowledges a book written for men, FIRE IN THE BELLY, by Sam Keen.  Regardless, I would not recommend this book for a man; especially if they want to use it to understand women.

A WOMAN’S WORTH probably would not be considered a feminist book. I am very grateful for feminist contributions. Although, I think it would be great if they could absorb her words and understand how their actions may sometimes alienate the very women they seek to empower.

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to honor Marianne Williamson. After five years of listening to her weekly lectures in our church and reading her books, I know that she is a five star person and a “warrior” for peace and love. I was also reminded that I have not read A Woman’s Worth. I will pull it off of the book shelf and make it a “must read” before the ;year is over.

    Again, Thank You,


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