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I read an article about a new radiation bomb proposed to wipe out AIDS. It was the first time that I saw medical experts describe radiation as it really is: a bomb. Are we really so far removed from nature that our trusted advisers can openly admit that their treatment is a bomb and we will still accept it?

Radiation treatment should be a huge red flag to people with cancer; instead, it is widely accepted. This is odd, considering the latest statistics show that the survival rates are as low as 44.6% chance of surviving for one year. These numbers vary, depending on the location of the cancer (e.g., breast cancer is 97.6%) however, the amount of remaining years are still numbered.

Now, New York scientists believe they can completely wipe out AIDS and HIV by using a “smart bomb” combined with the antiviral drugs. They claim that the antiretroviral treatment fails to eliminate the virus in the brain, leaving the patient to suffer from mental disorders. Supposedly, this bomb attacks infected cells without damaging nearby cells.


I do not believe that any of these remedies will work if you are eating the standard american diet. If you do not have the discipline to change your diet, at least temporarily to get rid of the virus, then the following solutions may not be for you.


Leslie Taylor, ND, Author of THE HEALING POWER OF RAINFOREST HERBS, began her journey into the rainforest in search of Cat’s Claw. While in Texas, she learned that cat’s claw was used in Europe for cancer and AIDS patients. She went to the Rainforest so that she could export the herb and use it to cure her cancer.

Once she eliminated her cancer, Taylor began helping other cancer victims heal. “Cat’s Claw has been used in Peru and Europe since the early 1990’s as an adjunctive treatment for cancer and AIDS, as well as for other diseases that target the immune system.” If she did list specific dosages for AIDS, I failed to find it. Instead, I found, “For general immune and prevention benefits, practitioners usually recommend 1g daily of vine powder in tablets or capsules. Therapeutic dosages of Cat’s Claw are reported to be as high as 20g daily and average 2-3g two or three times daily.”  –Leslie Taylor

If you decide to try Cat’s Claw, I recommend that you find a trusted manufacturer. For single herbal capsules, Nature’s Answer is trustworthy.  I have found Mountain Rose Herbs to have the best quality bulk herbs at a reasonable price. If you buy bulk you will need to read Taylor’s book and learn how to prepare the herbs or schedule a consultation with me and I will assist you.


As I have written before, I have received testimony from a few clients at The Fig Tree who claim to be cured. I am currently offering consultations by donation or you may contact The Fig Tree directly to schedule an appointment with Maa.


The Fig Tree carries Dr. Sebi’s products and is run by his family. However Dr. Sebi has a separate business. Caution is advised when attempting to purchase herbs directly from Dr. Sebi as there were recent changes. As far as I know, his official website is

There are other herbalists and naturopathics claiming that AIDS and cancer can be cured naturally. However, I would like to learn more about them before recommending them. The most important thing for you to do is remain calm and trust that nature has a solution.

You can avoid using treatments which attack cells. Allopathic treatments typically cause damage (or side effects) and they do not cure. Instead of attacking the cells, you want to stop feeding the virus or disease with acid foods and supplements. Cleanse  your cells and blood stream and increase your body’s alkalinity.

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The Healing Power Of Rainforest Herbs,Leslie Taylor, ND

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