The Truth About Avocados…

The Truth About Avocados...Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane /

One of the amazing things about fasting, cleaning the tissues and the bloodstream, is the ability to test how certain foods affect the body. Avocados have been an enigma in regards to its inflammatory factor. Most nutritionist will have you believe that avocados are healthy. However, after my latest fast, I discovered that they are just as dangerous as any other fat.

While it is true that there are some differences between human bodies; gender, skin color, blood type, everyone’s body still functions the same. As Arnold Ehret describes it, we are like an air-gas engine. By fasting, you are cleaning the valves within that engine. Likewise, as you start to replenish the fuel, you may determine which is best for your engine.

As I wrote in Is There Really A Healthy Fat?, Arnold Ehret labeled all fats as uric acid and claimed that the body had no use for them. Since he failed to mention avocados,  I intended to test my body. I really hoped I could have at least one fat to play with in recipes. Unfortunately, avocados proved more harmful than my favorite cooked chickpea dish.

I had followed a long fast with a seven week fruitarian diet,  by the time my avocados were ripe. After six months of not eating avocados,  I downed two of them. Half-hour later I realized that I had eaten too much. A bit of unusually white mucus rushed into my nasal cavities and the avocados were stuck in my liver. Whereas, all of the fruit and veggies that I had been eating would move right through, the avocados lingered for about 22 hours.

I had ordered a case of avocados from a farm so, the next day, I tried again. I made a raw pesto pasta using one avocado and it was delicious. The avocado seemed to digest much easier mixed in with the zucchini. The pesto was so good that I ate it again the next day.

After three days of eating avocados, I started feeling pain. There was pain in my liver and pain in my veins. I felt most of the vein pain in my head and arms. Clearly the uric acid  was eating my nerves.

I gave myself a five-day break, from avocados, and then decided to continue testing my body to rule out any other possibilities. I even tried eating smaller amounts. I barely noticed an increase of mucus, but I could not ignore the pain that avocados caused. The second time around, it only took one day for the pain to return and there was also burning in my eyes.

I did not think avocados were worth the pain  they caused so I stopped eating them. Since that time, I have tested my body with a few other items, none of which caused that kind of pain. Likewise, none of them are proclaimed as healthy as avocados.

So, while the rest of the world claims that avocado is the perfect fruit, you have to decide what to do with this information. Will you learn the lesson vicariously, test your own body or pretend you never read this? I feel really lucky to have discovered the truth for myself. Life is so much better without pain.

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25 Replies to “The Truth About Avocados…”

  1. Thanks so much for your comments and experimentation with your own body about Avacados. I have never acquired a taste for them. However, I had an Avacado dip when I was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico that was very, very good. I have not found that same taste in the states so far. Last week, I had a salad dressing that had avocado in it. Since I could not discern the taste of Avacado in the dressing, I had it a second day. I was only trying to have Avacados because I was told that they were good for me. Now, I will not continue to make the effort. Now, I wonder if any fat is good for human consumption? Years ago, we needed fat storage to help us survive when food was scarce. Do we still need it for anything?


    • Thanks for reading my post, Vareta:) I know that there have been all kinds of opinions in regards to the necessity for fat. I am currently reading, “In Defense Of Food,” and the author describes how nutritionism moved us away from real food to artificial food. One of the things that happened is that animal fats were labelled unhealthy and consumers were encouraged to replace it with margarine. Then, when folks started dying of heart disease, etc., they had the opinion that folks should return to animal fats. There haven’t been any studies about people who do not eat fat at all. We store food, regardless if we eat fat, because most people eat more than the body needs. Our intestines are 30 feet long so you can imagine how much food can be stored there. Then when you see people stretch beyond their frames, going from slim to “average” or to obese, these people are storing more than fat.

  2. You are so right. My body’s reaction is ACID BURN then depression, ab-bulge, difficulty digesting, feeling like crap the next day. Never again! Same with potatoes which most deem a safe “backup” when there is no fruit. It’d be better to fast!

  3. pretty much any food eaten in excess will give you some pain or other. I wonder how humans have survived eating food !

  4. I started having mucus which seem unending for the last three weeks. Today, I check the internet if there is a post about avocadoes. From now on I decided to stay out of avocadoes. I will return to my diet of fresh apple juice and sweet potatoes. I am better of with this. We should decide a diet that would fit us and not follow the experts allthe time. Tnks.

  5. Many experts in healing has made contributions to the human race but also have made many mistakes. Dr. Edward Shooks recommended herbs like comfrey (which is a hybrid that can’t reproduce its self) & garlic (which eats away the lining of your intestines & villa which helps absorb minerals) Dr sebi used to recommend almonds which contains traces of arsenic & cyanide. His website still recommends ginger which I’m doing research on now because I fasted then drunk a cup of ginger tea (organically grown) & I had a headache about an hour later. I have this feeling that ginger should be placed aside with garlic.

    I am aware of Arnold Ehert (reading his books on fasting & mucusless diet) & he recommends healthy foods but also foods that are mucus forming like cauliflower & broccoli which selected clones of the wild cabbage.

    I am aware that genetics play a role on certain foods that we eat but I know that avocados are naturally grow in Mexico & India (like mangos) & that anything that grows naturally all human races can consume because its ion level is very high which the body absorbs has energy. My question is what type of avocado did you use for the experiment & how was it grown? (Those 2 questions can determine how your body will react to it)

    • Yes, I agree with you. I have seen many changes throughout the years in terms of what is considered to be healthy. That’s why I always recommend that people test their own bodies.

      Just about every, if not every plant is hybrid. Some are chemical/man-made hybrids. Garlic produces sulphur and it’s very difficult to digest.

      Avocados that are sold in the US have been altered just like apples have. In this case, the seed is smaller than the original avocados.

      I am surprised that Dr. Sebi’s website has ginger. I remember having a conversation with him in which he did forbid it. It’s true that he recommended almonds and all nuts are toxic. That’s why they have to be pasteurized or roasted before they are eaten. All nuts and fats produce uric acid and that’s why my body reacted the way it did. It was a Has Avocado, organically grown. I agree that the way it’s grown may have some kind of impact but I believe my body became intolerant of the acid. I get the same feeling with coconut milk.

      Keep in mind that Arnold mostly recommended juicy fruit and everything else was for transitional purposes….there is the mucus lean and then mucusless diets..

  6. I understand. I know the large green avocados was made.

    I was just trying to express that we all make mistakes. Thank you for the information you shared with us.

  7. Do you know how much uric acid avocados have, percentage wide. Since one of the purpose of fat in the body is to act as a barrier to acidic foods/substances to the body, I’m assuming avocado, with the uric acid, is doing the same thing? But why would that be beneficial to humans?

    • Hi Aria,

      I wish I had the ability to test foods to discover things like pH. I really don’t think that eating any fats are beneficial to humans. The purpose of this post is to make people aware of that potential source of pain or disease (avocados) in their body.

      I hope I answered your question…

    • I have never eaten Durian. Due to it’s fat content, I am reluctant to try it. I learned from Arnold Ehret that no fats are beneficial to the body. Considering that I have already developed attachments to other fats (especially olive oil), I try to avoid trying new fats.

      I also have this theory that we shouldn’t eat any foods that have an odor. In most cases, odor signifies the presence of sulfur. Arnold Ehret claims that sulfur causes premature aging (like grey hair). I have personally noticed that cruciferous vegetables and garlic (all high in sulfur) are challenging to digest.

      So, if you really like Durian, I would recommend that you only eat small amounts with the knowledge that it’s probably not the healthiest choice for you…

  8. I found a website that has pictures of a wild avocado. Michelle you were right all along just like every other women. The avocado we eat today has been genetically altered to have more fruit & less pit which is the opposite of the original avocado. 2 years ago information on avocado let alone pictures of its ancester was no where to be found but like I always hear….the truth will come too light in time.

    • Hi JR,

      Thanks for your comment. You reminded me of a book called, “Food in History.” I bought it thinking that it might have more info about man made alterations of our food. It took a back burner to books that are more important to me right now. From the table of contents, it doesn’t look like hybridization or genetic splicing is covered in this book. However it does include adulteration of foods.

  9. I am calling bullshit on putting the avocado on mucus forming foods. All fruits contain some quantity of fat, if you gonna follow this logic that all fat is bad and should be eliminated, then you would not eat any fruit… Ehret said that ALL fruits are mucusless. What he meant when he said that fats are bad, even of vegetable origin, was that the oils made from vegetables, for cooking, are bad. When you eat an avocado, you don´t feel your mouth oily, you don´t feel heavy afterwards and feeling bad (like when you eat heavy fatty “foods”). I have been eating solely guacamole 1x per day for 3 weeks now, it is a very fulfilling and naturally delicious meal, very easy digestion. Avocado is a fruit, comes from a tree, has seed, it smells and tastes good raw and does need processing to be eaten, is naturally appealing thus is a “Paradise” fruit, made by the Creator for us. It was a main food for the Mayan and Aztecs and they considered it sacred, they also thought that avocado was an aphrodisiac and strongly linked to the gods of fertility.

    • Hi Robertt,

      How do you know what Ehret meant? What’s your source?

      My source is page 164 of MUCUSSLESS DIET HEALING SYSTEM. “All fats are acid forming, even those of vegetable origin, and are not used by the body. You will continue to like, crave and use them only as long as you can still see mucus in the magic mirror. What doctors call heat calories is caused by fats in friction, obstruction in the circulation; they constipate the small blood vessels” Avocados aren’t listed on his food list so he may not have been aware of them.

      I used to love guacamole! If avocados make you feel good then enjoy…

  10. Divinewiz my ass… Deleting the comments that do not support what you are preaching, and because they contain some truth, huh? I know what you are doing and I know you are reading my posts. Pathetic.

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