Is There Really A Healthy Fat?


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Image courtesy of m_bartosch /

Yesterday, I read a New York Times article describing how FOG (fat, oil and grease) clogged the city’s pipes and caused major sewage backups in all five boroughs.  The title quickly painted a vision of the fat jamming our body’s piping system.  The article shared clues that cardiologists had developed theories similar to Arnold Ehret’s lessons, about fat and the vascular system, from the early 1900s.

“The grease often ends up sticking to other debris in the sewer system, until it hardens and blocks pipes, like clogged arteries. Carter Strickland, the city’s environmental commissioner, said the cardiovascular analogy was overused-but accurate. “Grease clings to the surface and it builds on itself over time,” Mr Strickland said. “The sewage cannot get through, and bad things happen.” – Kia Gregory

In the case of our bodies, it is the blood that gets backed up, when the fat from oils and animal products combines with processed food waste and hardens into calcified mucus. The bad things that happen are typically described as “clogged arteries and heart disease” but should also include 90% of all illness and disease affecting our bodies today. The “illness” (e.g. head colds, vomiting or diarrhea) is merely the body’s way of cleansing the waste. Unfortunately, medication is used to stop the cleaning (sickness). Therefore, the waste stays in the body and builds into resulting infections and/or diseases…everything from Altzheimer’s to Zygomycosis.

I often quote Arnold Ehret because he cured diseases which the medical community claims are incurable.  “All fats are acid forming, even those of vegetable origin, and are not used in the body….What doctors call heat calories is caused by fats in friction, obstruction in the circulation; they constipate the small blood vessels.”  There you have it! According to Ehret, there are no healthy fats.

After reading most of Ehret’s books, I am convinced that he never encountered avocado.  This is significant because he promoted fruitarianism. Once my system is completely clean, I plan to test my body and draw my own conclusions about avocado.

Olive oil is listed in THE MUCUSLESS DIET HEALING SYSTEM’s transitional diet recipes. Therefore, one could conclude that Ehret believed it to be healthier than other fats. Vegetable oil, otherwise known as soybean oil, is widely used in restaurants today.

Many health “experts” believe that soy is healthy while others claim that it is dangerous. Ehret taught that legumes form uric acid in the body; so,  I believe he would have discouraged the consumption of soybean oil.  I have posted more info about soy here: I Learned The Hard Way How Dangerous Even “Fermented” Soy Is

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