The True Cause of Aging, Baldness and Graying of Hair


Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

This article is largely based on similarly titled chapter in THE CAUSE AND CURE OF HUMAN ILLNESS.  Arnold Ehret describes how certain foods cause illness and proves how disease and aging can be reversed with the proper diet. This book review will help you learn how to prevent and/or reverse symptoms of aging. Can you guess which foods cause grey hair and baldness?

In every book authored by Ehret, you will learn how animal products and grains clog the body’s pipe-system and poison the blood stream. You will read how to prevent and reverse illness with a mucus free diet composed of juicy, starch-free fruit and vegetables. THE CAUSE AND CURE OF HUMAN ILLNESS goes one step further in breaking down how certain signs of aging, like wrinkles, graying and balding, are caused with diet. Included are pictures of Arnold Ehret, before and after his fasting and fruit diet, which show how progressively younger he appeared over time.You will also find testimonials from his patients and followers.

As you may have read in my previous posts, Arnold Ehret does not view disease as something that you arbitrarily “catch” nor as some “external force penetrating into the human being.” Unlike practitioners of scientific medicine, who have over 1000 names for disease, Ehret proclaimed constipation to be the culprit in 98% of cases. While he agreed that bacteria played a role in some illnesses, he still found excess mucus, caused by constipation, to be the preexisting condition in which bacteria were allowed to thrive.

What are the main items responsible for this mucus/constipation? Animal products and starches; especially, cheese, milk, eggs, white flour, rice and potatoes, clog the intestines and toxify the bloodstream. Ehret coined fasting as the shortest and safest path to health. He wrote, “It makes the enemy’s life [bacteria & viruses] in our body unlivable, forces him to flee and he turns away in fear from us, the fasters.” He proved, “healthy people can undergo a fasting-cure without any difficulties,” when he used this method to reverse the illness of thousands of patients.

Ehret has also explained how dangerous fasting and fruit fasts can be without proper comprehension of his metabolism theory. Additionally, he provided two more precautions: 1. “ Of course, they have to fast reasonably and must bear the responsibility for not causing dangerous overexertion by trying to do physical or mental activities that would tax their resources even on a normal diet” 2. “….at the beginning of fasting the intestinal tract should be fully emptied with the use of a laxative enema, or something similar. It seems logical that the fasting person should not be additionally bothered by gases and disintegrating substances of feces that are still in the intestines.”

Ehret and his followers believed raw fruit and vegetables to be the perfect diet for humans… “Our minimal need for proteins can be fully covered by eating sweet fruit. Bananas and nuts, in combination  with some figs and dates, build up muscle-mass and offer a fair amount of strength. Vegetables, chopped up and processed into salads with oil and plenty of lemons, and all of the wonderful fruit, including Mediterranean fruit, are the foods worthy of the gods.

In subsequent writings he cautions readers to limit consumption of nuts, to small portions, during winter fruit shortages.  He maintained “Glucose and mineral salts found in fruit are the truest sources for muscle-mass, which rebuilds a fat-free mucus-free body after fasting.” The book includes Professor Koenig’s nutritional tables which indicate higher minerals, like calcium, in fruit and vegetables than in meat and dairy products. “All deformations and abnormalities of bone structure and tooth decay are based on a lack of calcium. It should be noted that calcium is rendered useless in milk and vegetables by the process of cooking them.”

Even dental problems are caused by diet… “The terrible lack of minerals contained in processed food (particularly meat) in comparison to fruit, is one of the reasons for generations of toothless people. Even many physicians acknowledge this.Instead of substituting these inadequate foods with fruit, people now augment their insufficient diets with artificial supplements. The human body cannot assimilate such minerals, which are not organic nor derived from plants or fruit.”

Arnold Ehret calls aging a latent sickness which he believed  is prevented and possibly reversed through his mucusless diet. “ If our lungs and skin were provided with pure air only (sun power), and the gastrointestinal tract had to deal only with fully digestible fruit (sun-food), there would be no reason for the human circulatory system to become defective, lame, or aged, and thus to finally fail.” Ehret points out how people in their hundreds can be found in the poorest countries where people are considered to be malnourished. Then he explains how wrinkles occur. “The overly stretched facial skin will become wrinkled, for it has lost its youthful elasticity due to lack of or unhealthy blood supply, not to mention minimal exposure to light and sun.”

Next Ehret elaborates on the role of hair in regards to the senses of touch and smell as well as attraction. He uses the works of Fritz Mueller and G. Jaeger, combined with his own fasting experiments, to formulate his theory of graying and balding. Basically, he teaches that the ingestion of excessive and unnatural foods deteriorate the body over time and cause a stench…

“As already mentioned, the content of air increases in graying hair, and I assume that this “air” consists partly of stinking gases. I suggest for clever chemists to search for a sulphurous acid here.” “It is not surprising that the whole hair including hair roots becomes pale, dies and falls out if we consider that the hairs, the “scent-pipes” (the “exhaust-chimneys”) constantly have to discharge gases that are stinky, acrid and very likely full of sulfur dioxide, instead of natural fragrances. With this explanation, I claim to have found the cause of baldness, and to have shown an unmistakable way to cure it.”

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Foods that are already dead (meat), rotten (cheese) or smell before they are eaten cause a stinky perspiration through the head. Have you read my post about cheese? Of course a person can also cause an internal stench from the fermentation of mixed food and drink stuffed into the body at one time.  Did you know that there would not be a need for deodorant or lotion if we were all pure fruitarians?

Ehret concludes his book with his before and after pictures as well as a prescription for beauty and health… “If you want to rejuvenate yourself before becoming ill, then you must engage voluntarily in fasting and eating living foods (especially fruit). It is only after all poisons-everything bad, foul and dead—has been expelled, that nature begins to build a new, rejuvenated human being upon the remaining foundation of basically intact cells. It makes sense of course that he body looks old and terrible during this process of detoxification” “Everyone who goes through a healing cure after any sickness and eats a mucus free diet, or fasts to rid his body of dead cells, gets a more youthful appearance and deprives every sickness of its basis.”

3 Replies to “The True Cause of Aging, Baldness and Graying of Hair”

  1. Not sure that a diet like this would benefit everyone. I’m 41 and i have always ate meat and fats, i am not keen on fruit, veges, beans and seeds. Who eats seeds anyway?
    I can’t say i have ever been ill, i don’t have grey hair and i look younger than my age. I personally think it depends on your genetics on how you react to such diets.
    I have had a full genetic test and a mediteranean diet would do my health no good, i thrive on fat and meat. Many people don’t have genetic testing available to them so have to rely on other peoples advice which could prove detrimental to their health.

    • Hi Derek,

      I wish you continued good health and youthful looks. Beans and seeds are uric acid just like meat and fat. Acid typically causes pain in the body so be careful. I believe nutrigenomics is a new phenomenon. As you may already know, the opinions in nutrition and science often change. What if they are wrong? Wouldn’t that also be detrimental?

    • You are absolutely right. Dr Weston Price proved that people thrive on different diets. For you, fats and meats are what you must need as your neuro system must be more parasympathetic. For someone like me, a sympathetic dominant, I would need to stay largely away from meat and animal fats and focus solely on vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Oh to be balanced – and sit on the middle of that scale. Dr Nicholas Gonzalez and dr William Kelley followed Dr Weston price and dr pottenger in that scientific understanding. Fascinating!

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