Should Cats Be Vegan?

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I think I may have almost killed my cat, while trying to make her vegan. She acted as if she had been poisoned and would not eat for weeks. I guess it must be possible to raise a vegan cat. The author of VEGETARIAN CATS AND DOGS seems to think so. However, biologically, cats are carnivores with short and acidic digestive tracts. I learned from Arnold Ehret that carnivores need to eat raw meat with the blood and bones.

It is difficult to recall that time when my cat became sick because I felt so guilty. I know she was eating things like avocado, almond butter, mango and quinoa. I also tried to give her herbs for her sneezing because she had respiratory issues off and on for a few years.  I still have no idea what made her stop eating.

I took her to one vet who told me she was dehydrated and had diabetes symptoms. They gave me medication for her lack of appetite and told me to continue the dosage even if she starts to eat again. I went home and Googled the medication. I read a couple of forums in which pet owners reported that their pets became dependent on the medication and would not eat without it. Since my cat already had a huge appetite, unlike I had seen before, I decided to toss the medication. That was two years ago and she has been eating ever since.

During that same scary summer, I took her to another vet for a second opinion. She told me that my cat had irritable bowel syndrome. This was more believable because she would occasionally vomit her food. Naturally, I thought this had more to do with her diet than some internal digestive malfunction. However, the vet prescribed a homeopathic medicine and told me to switch my cat to a raw diet. I went home, Googled the medicine, and discovered that it was basically a small dosage of strychnine poisoning. I decided to toss that medication as well.

When I purchased the first bag of raw pet food from my local pet store, I knew that this would not become her regular food. Besides the price, there were too many ingredients in the food…mixtures of vegetables, grains and meats did not seem to comply with natural law’s mono-eating . I went online and found Darwin’s Pet Food. I liked it because there were not any grains or additives. However, the only way to make it affordable was for me to order a six month supply. So I stocked my freezer with meat and, while my cat clearly became healthier, this did not solve her irritable bowel syndrome.

One day, I decided to cook Darwin’s pet food. I tossed it into the oven and what came out was a rubbery looking piece of mass that was difficult to slice. From that day forward I decided to purchase human grade vegetarian-fed, antibiotic-free, poultry for my cat. She is most healthy, when I alternate days of ground poultry with days of chicken liver and blood. No more sneezing or vomiting and it cost a little over a dollar a day.

Two weeks ago, a friend called me from a fish market and I asked him to bring me a whole raw fish for my cat. Apparently, this was the strangest request that the fish butcher had received. However, local meat butchers told me that they have many customers asking for ground raw meat, blood and bones for their pets. Pet owners are starting to wake up and realize that commercial pet food is slowly killing their pets. The raw pet food industry has capitalized on this new revolution, making sub par raw pet food four times more expensive than regular pet food. Thankfully, I have found an affordable solution that has eliminated my cat’s health issues.

Although I had already been feeding my cat raw food, for the last two years, this was the first time that she would be eating a whole raw fish. Day 1: I doubted my cat’s ability to tear the whole fish apart so I went to work with a knife, cutting bite size pieces with small bones. She ate all of the flesh off the bones. Day 2: I cut larger pieces; some with more bones. Initially, she left the pieces with the bones. When I came home that evening, everything was gone. Day 3: I cut larger pieces with larger bones. This time, she favored the bony piece. Day 4: (Pictured above) I let her have the rest of the fish.

The sound of her crunching through the bones, is what fueled the fire for this article. I was so excited because, after all of these years, she was finally putting her jaws and canines to use. She normally uses my plants to clean her teeth and gums. Now she finally has bones which also provide calcium.  Although, going forward, when I purchase this occasional treat for my cat, I will ask the fish butcher to chop it in smaller pieces. It has been a long journey but I believe we are finally on the right track.

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  1. It’s insane what people feed their animals. I’m still not sure you really got it down though. I’ve had cats for many years, and I can safely say the best you can feed them are raw unchopped bones with traces of meat. Bones, cartilage and marrow are what they really go for, this has a lot of structural nourishment and is much more important than the meat. The meat can be substituted with other cat food you buy, so the bones can just be the leftover of your own food, even though it’s cooked. I always give the cat all leftover bones of chicken specially and also other bones. On top of that dry cat food, and I chop off some raw bone pieces before I cook my food. It can’t get any cheaper, and you don’t need to chop things up in small pieces. But still keep half an eye on the cat while eating chicken bones, as it can get stuck in his mouth. I actually never had that happen though. If you’re scared of it, chop off 3cm of the end of the leg bones and throw away the hard middle part. If you’re vegan, just buy whatever raw bone chops you can find. And listen to the cat ! As you wrote, it favors the bony parts. Don’t underestimate their instincts. Animals know what they need.

    So my advice is just, this shouldn’t by any means be an occasional treat. This should be the daily diet. If you’re vegan I can understand it’s a bit of a challenge to get the food. But that’s really your fault and challenge. Don’t mistreat your cat just because you think you self shouldn’t eat animals.

    Frankly, you were close to killing your cat. Now you probably has it on a 30% healthy diet, on which it will only survive. Let that sink in. It deserves more than that.

    • I appreciate your advice; although, I think you may have misunderstood what I wrote. The occasional treat is the whole raw fish. Her regular diet is chicken. I know that bones are important but she will not eat chicken bones unless they are ground into the food. So, I actually have to have a butcher grind chicken backs.

      • Ok, that should be pretty good. But strange she doesn’t want bones. Maybe she got a problem with the teeth, making it painful to chew hard stuff? Curious if she has eaten fruit or veggies? It seems to be reports on problems with gums and teeth actually loosening and falling out, with people who tried the Ehret fruit diet.

        I have just started to read a bit of Ehret, so it’s an early judgement, but it struck me this guy perhaps to some extent was a high functioning autist. His writing shows a kind of excitement and creativity that doesn’t really seem to be properly balanced with data and observations. That was just a hunch. But it’s kind of fascinating to consider this possibility, and what disastrous effect it could have. I’ll have to read more to figure this one out. But I think he is wrong about the fruit diet being healthy; too much sugar. And if so, there must be some missing explanations contributing to his work.

        Anyway, back to the cat. Perhaps he’s magnesium deficient, influencing calcium regulation and health of teeth. I don’t know how to figure that out though.. Still, maybe it’s not uncommon that some cats don’t eat bones. Idk, I just hadn’t expected that.

        • The cat is healthy. She will eat fish bones but not chicken bones.

          Yes, take your time researching Ehret before categorizing him and dismissing his theories. He conducted scientific government experiments and cured thousands of people. That’s why there were movements of people who followed him in Europe and the US and there are still movements today. Just because some fruitarian’s teeth fell out doesn’t mean that has happened to every single fruitarian either. These lifestyles are a journey and there’s not one set of rules that everyone follows leading up to that journey. You would have to isolate a whole group of people with healthy teeth and gums and have them on a strict “mucusless” fruitarian diet without any sweetners and isolate them from consuming anything else that might harm their teeth to prove that theory. I have seen too many long-term fruitarians out there who have healthy teeth for me to believe those claims.

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