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This post is partly my excuse to exhibit my favorite sports car: Bugatti Veyron. Though, there really is a great lesson here about your body’s exuberance. So, what do you have in common with the fastest car in the world?

Everyone has a unique shell; defined by genetics, care and environment.  However, the interior of our bodies function in the same way. Many of us go through great lengths to keep our exterior (skin, hair, teeth) looking new and shiny with creams, lotions, pastes, shampoos, etc. Yet, our internal system is what determines our power, flexibility and durability.  In fact, Arnold Ehret believed that, if we kept our inner body clean, there would no longer be a need for personal care products. Ehret described the human body as an engine.

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Your body is an air-gas engine, built and constructed in its entirety, with the exception of the bones, from a rubber-like, very elastic, spongy material, called flesh and tissues. The next fact is that its function is that of a pump system by air-pressure, and with an inside circulation of liquids, such as the blood and other saps, and that THE LUNGS ARE THE PUMP AND THE HEART IS THE VALVE…


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Just like the ideal engine is made to work with minimal friction, our bodies function best without obstruction.  This observation led Ehret to teach. “The Secret of Vitality….”

“V” = “P” – “O”

V (VITALITY) This word can best be described as energy and strength.

P (POWER) Oxygen! This is what keeps us strong, efficient and alive.

O (OBSTRUCTION) This represents the internal impurities which obstruct the circulation and make us sluggish or ill. It is constipation caused by foods that clog our human engine with excess mucus and toxins.

Therefore, our bodies are more powerful with the least amount of constipation. According to Ehret, our body “functions automatically by inhaling air-pressure and expelling chemically changed air and outside atmospheric counter-pressure on the vacuums of the body.”   He reveals the “secret” as the automatic “counter-pressure” made possible via the elasticity of our spongy internal organs which expand, contract and vibrate.

Ehret and his disciple tested this vitality by walking 56 hours continuously without sleep, rest, or food only drink . Ehret also experimented with month-long fasts, allowing the German and Swiss governments to seal him in a room and observe him. His longest fast was 49 days.

What is the optimal food for your engine? Remember, everything you eat has to pass through your bloodstream….the juicer the better. If it is hard, tough to chew, sticky or rubbery, your body will surround it with lots of mucus, causing “obstruction.” The indigestible residue is pushed into tissues for long-term storage which could eventually harden into one of the many mucus-related diseases.

Ehret recommended juicy fruit and green leaf vegetables for optimal health. The alkaline diet (vegan; without root vegetables, rice or white flour) is the, less restrictive, transitional diet which he referred to as ” The Mucuslean Diet.” He also believed physical and breathing exercises contributed to vitality and good health.

So where do nutrients, calories, vitamins, protein, etc. fit into the equation? While those concepts were being created, Ehret was helping people reverse their so-called “incurable diseases.”


The Mucusless Diet Healing System, Arnold Ehret

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