Addicted To Starch? Ten Reasons To Gain Control Now…


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Starches taste great and literally make the world go around. Almost every culture has some form of grain as their staple food. Most people find them hard to resist. If you are hooked, it is not your fault.  Just like sugar, starches rapidly turn to glucose, release insulin and promote addiction. Learn how they affect your health; plus, ways to grain control today.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, “These foods trigger a hormonal cycle of grain and sugar addiction, weight gain, and diabetes. That is why eliminating all grains, starches and sugars for a limited period of time is the best way to reprogram your cells to burn fat. Erasing the signals that prompt you to eat will help you overcome cravings and addictive food urges.”

I learned from Arnold Ehret that starches cause disease through the formation of acid and excess mucus in the body. White flour is the worst, “because it makes the best paste.” Another great mucus former and paste maker is rice. “I firmly believe thru my experience with serious cases of sickness (awful boils, etc.) prevalent among one-sided rice eaters, that rice is the foundational cause of leprosy, that terrible pestilence.” He believed that toasted and even fried starches were less detrimental due to their loss of sticky properties.

Ehret learned and applied his theories via the patients whose diseases he helped to reverse. Today, we have the benefit of scientific research to illustrate the negative consequences of grain-consumption, after it became widely adopted:

1. Rise in infectious diseases

2. Higher infant mortality

3. Shorter life span

4. Height reduction

5. Increase in osteoporosis and other bone diseases

6. Increase in dental disease and tooth decay

“In ancient times, the grains consumed were 100 percent organic and unrefined, yet still had these negative health impacts. Today 90 percent of our grains are highly processed, only making matters worse.” –Dr. Joseph Mercola

If you eat starches and sweets regularly, your body may eventually develop a resistance to insulin. Insulin resistance leads to the following issues, in addition to those listed above:

7. High Blood Pressure

8. High Cholesterol

9. Cancer

10. Type 2 Diabetes

Avoid feeling guilty for your addiction. Besides being physically addictive, starches and sweets are heavily promoted via billion dollar advertising campaigns. They are also in your face at stores, bakeries and fast food restaurants.

Take Steps To Strengthen Your Willpower:

1. Eat complex carbohydrates; like non-starchy fruit and vegetables to help you quickly control your addiction.

2. Drink more water. As I wrote in, “Drink From The Fountain Of Youth,” many people fail to drink enough pure flat water. The minimum required amount is half your weight in ounces (e.g., 60 oz for a 120 pound person). Drinking water often eliminates cravings and helps distinguish real hunger from addiction.

3. Keep in mind, there is no such thing as cutting down. You must completely omit starches and sweets in order to eliminate the cravings. Eventually, you can reintroduce your body to healthier, less addictive grains like spelt and long grain black rice.

4. Close your eyes, take deep breaths and analyze the thought pattern behind each craving. Most likely, there is an underlying emotion prompting you to seek the comfort of food. Meditation helps you to resolve the stress of emotions and rule your mind. Your thoughts will empower you to break any spell, with conscious dedication.


THE NO GRAIN DIET, Dr. Joseph Mercola


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