Is Alkaline Water Better?


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Whenever I recommend The Alkaline Diet to clients, they ask for my opinion about alkaline water. The alkaline water industry claims that their “miracle water” helps cure diseases.  Do not believe the hype! I drank Kangen water for eight months and I assure you that there were no miracles. So, here is the brief synopsis of my Kangen water experience.

A few years ago, I met a woman who enthusiastically engaged me in a conversation about healthy water. I was an easy target, since I carried my water bottle everywhere. She was visiting from Los Angeles so we exchanged info and she said she would call to tell me where I could get some free “miracle water. “ She encouraged me to drink the water so that I could see how wonderful it was.

I arrived at the first Kangen Water meeting with two empty Gallon sized containers. They showed The Rave Diet video, Eating while they waited for more people to arrive. Afterwards, there was a cool demonstration using the various PH levels of water from the machine. It was clearly a multi-level  marketing business which, I know is a turn-off for many people but,  could be beneficial with the right product. After a few weight-loss testimonies, the meeting ended and people lined up to fill up their water bottles.

Here is the scoop. They offer a few products but tell you that you cannot sell the machines unless you have your own $4000 machine or negotiate a sponsorship from another distributor. In addition to the machine, you have to purchase carbon filters. They tell their distributors to market their product by giving away free water and inviting people to meetings. I wanted to test this product on my body. So, I found a convenient location to fill up on water and began drinking it regularly.

The water tastes great! I collected most of my water from the Enagic office in Queens. They had dual filters on the water, which explains the  great taste. Sorry Enagic! I never experienced any miracles.  In fact, there was an unusual issue.  For some reason, I went a day or two without the water, my stools hardened and became difficult to pass. This happened on more than one occasion; so, I concluded that my body had developed some form of dependence on the water. When I had a sore throat and coughing, drinking the water was not enough. I eventually went to the The Fig Tree for some herbs.

While researching the product, I read competitor claims that Kangen adds sodium to their water to increase the alkalinity. They also claimed that Enagic charges twice as much for the machine in order to finance their multi-level marketing system. The staff at Enagic claims that the sodium solution is only deposited in the acid water section of their machine. The “Strong Acid Water” is used for cleaning and disinfecting.

After eight months of testing the water, I decided there was no way that I would encourage other people to buy the machine. It is expensive and it needs electricity to run. It requires maintenance, along with the refill of a $70 filter. Plus, aside from the great taste, there is nothing special about the water. I think the people who gave testimonies for the product were just people who never drank water regularly.

Save your money and buy a strong water filter that significantly reduces many toxins including fluoride. I use a stainless steel triple fluoride filter by Crystal Quest.

For more information regarding the benefits of water, see: Drink From The Fountain Of Youth .

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