No Time To Sit? Try Mindfulness: Meditation On The Go


Image courtesy of Bill Longshaw at

Image courtesy of Bill Longshaw at

Remember the Everybody Loves Raymond episode in which Raymond was in the shower and could not remember if he had washed his hair? I have had similar dilemmas while showering or doing any other routine activity in which my active imagination carried my  mind away to dreamland. If you also have these issues or if you want to incorporate meditation into your hectic schedule, then mindfulness may be the solution for you.

Both and report, “up to 90 % of most people’s thoughts are meaningless [unconscious] playbacks of old memories.” This preoccupation with the past is only part of the problem. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences have discovered that people were not aware of their decisions even when they tried to focus. They conducted a study in which participants had the freedom to choose the right or left button as long as they were able to remember when they made the decision. The scientists were able to use frontal lobe monitoring to predict the actions of its subjects 7 seconds before the participants were aware of their decisions.

It was only 7 seconds because the participants made an effort to be aware. Imagine what’s happening when we’re not trying! The results of this study reveal the amount of control the unconscious mind has over our actions. Meanwhile, our thoughts of the past influence our emotions, behaviors and perceptions. Combine this with your mind’s new fourth and fifth dimensional powers of creation and you may feel a greater urgency to resolve this issue.

As I wrote in my previous “How To Meditate..” post, mastering our every thought and emotion is vital as we continue our shift into fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness. According to many spiritual leaders there is an “awakening,” or “shift in consciousness,” occurring across the globe. This shift empowers us with the ability to manifest our thoughts faster than ever…literally creating our own personal “reality.”

The third dimensional consciousness; representing the physical body and ruled by the ego, functions via a rigid group of rules and structures which hold thought and emotional vibrations. The fourth dimensional consciousness entails astral bodies and higher human consciousness without judgment. In fifth dimensional consciousness we are light bodies with a “super” unity conscious. While all levels of consciousness have been available to us, most people have been operating within the third dimensional thought pattern. This is where fear thrives and limits our true potential. We are now being physically and emotionally forced into a shift, which will be most beneficial to those who maintain a higher consciousness. To learn more, read WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE THIRD DIMENSION IS GOING AWAY, by Jeff Self and Roxanne Burnett.

In order to regain this awareness, I strongly urge you to consider some form of meditation. Mindfulness as explained by former Buddhist Monk, Axel Gjertsen,” is a state of relaxed attention.” Gjertsen recommends a place with few distractions in the beginning. Then, it can be practiced almost anywhere. He writes, “It’s ideal to practice mindfulness meditation while commuting. You can also take a short break to center yourself when you’re having a busy day at work. Practice mindfulness meditation alone or with friends. It’s really inspiring to practice in a group.” I naturally began practicing mindfulness in the shower.

Practicing in a group appears to be fun but I have yet to experience it. Instead, I have practiced while people are talking to me. One little word or phrase would often have me thinking of a song, movie, the past or future. Mindfulness has helped me to use breathing techniques to stay focused and align my attention with my body in the present.

Among my favorite mindfulness activities are observing animals and watching the leaves fall from a tree. Visit the Mastery of Meditation website to learn more about Axel Gjertsen’s Mindfulness Meditation techniques: Part 1  Part 2 Another great active meditation is the walking meditation which you may find here:



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