Reflections On My Joseph Prince Experience…


Blog Pics 115My mom and I went to see Joseph Prince in Newark, on November 1st. The beauty of people coming together to praise God and hear the message of this television evangelist truly uplifted my spirit. Entering into the dark musical stadium, with masses of people on a Friday night, felt more like hanging at a pop concert.

The Power Of Right Believing

When my mom told me she bought me a ticket to see Joseph Prince, in Newark, I was skeptical. I enjoy inspirational TED talks but rarely gravitate towards evangelical shows. When I learned that the title was about “Right Believing,” I wondered how anyone could say what was right for everyone to believe. Still my mother had flown to New York, especially for the Asian evangelist’s event, and she wanted me there with her.

The stadium was packed with over 13,000 people, some of which had arrived six hours early to get a good seat. We felt lucky to find seating on the main floor, just as the event began. I looked around and witnessed the power of people united by their love of God. It was glorious; hearing songs of praise from people who were excited to there.

I looked around and realized the perfection of having this event on a Friday night. Some people were clearly able to release sorrow; perhaps, from a rough week or a long journey through darkness. I saw a woman crying with her hands up in the air and heard other people screaming, “Yes Lord! Hallelujah!!” The energy of the audience lifted me to a higher vibration.

The energy of love sent warm fuzzies through my head as if my crown chakra were zapped with new empowerment. I thought, “Love is the most powerful frequency.” I felt another rush of warm tingles throughout my head. I kept thinking; “this is religion at its finest…when people experience the power of love without judgment of themselves or others. What would the world be like if everyone stopped judging themselves and others?”


Right Believing 2Joseph Prince appeared on the stage, as a rock-star, wearing black jeans and a black leather jacket. He led the audience through communion, immediately addressing the issue of judgment. He explained how people focus too much on laws and consequently judge themselves and others. According to him, these “old covenant beliefs” are the inner demons causing issues like fear, guilt and depression.

Citing scriptures like Psalms 105 and John 1:16, Prince teaches that God constantly supplies us with grace. We must open ourselves to receiving God’s gifts through faith in this unlimited abundance. Under the new covenant every single person is blessed, thanks to Jesus. By Jesus’ obedience, all of us are made righteous. Our focus should only be on the Kingdom of God.

It seems sort of dangerous to tell Christians that everything they do is righteous because they believe in Jesus. However, I agree that those who daily strive to duplicate Christ’s actions, are entitled to new opportunities to succeed when they fail. Jesus, rejected the material world, in favor of the good of everyone. He was forgiving, kind, disciplined, giving and he loved without judgment.

Prince’s non-judgmental message of grace closely resembles teachings from many other religions as well as lessons in Ego shedding taught by renowned spiritual leaders. I have written of them here: Set Your Ego Free: Be Happy … The Ego fuels negative, fearful, lower vibrational thinking and actions, causing limitations, sorrow and destruction.

Regardless of religion, positive thoughts, words and actions are essential components in wellness. There is little or no stress in the lives of people who are able to see good in themselves and the people around them. It leads to positive patterns in your energy and manifests through positive patterns through your actions….ultimately, improving your life-experience.

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  1. Ugh! His real name is Xenonamandar Jegahusiee Singh. Unbelievable someone would choose to call themselves “Prince”! What real Christian in their right mind would do that?

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