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Happy 2014! I hope you finished 2013 in a beautiful way. There were some unexpected circumstances in my world; so, I am still working  to complete goals. I will post, at least once a week, until I have exceeded my expectations.

My mother likes this dish, so I decided to post it. It is not my favorite but your tastes may be similar to my mom’s. It is like a stew that could be eaten alone or over a grain like Quinoa.

I took step by step photos from the beginning and my camera died. Luckily, my new Moto X phone has a decent camera and I was able to snap the final results.

Time:  Maybe 1 hour and 30 minutes? (I was interrupted several times)

Ingredients: (Servings 4-5 people)

12 medium tomatoes halved

1×1 inch square of tamarind paste

1 small Butternut squash

1 large Jalapeño

1/4th cup olive oil

5 large green Zucchini Chopped

2 tsp ground Thyme

1/2 medium  red onion chopped

1/4th cup  Agave to taste

Squirts of lime to taste


I usually prepare as I go.

1. Boil Butternut Squash in half pot of water.

2. Pour olive oil in separate pot

3. Add Jalapeño without stem.

4. Slice tomatoes in half and remove core.

5. Add tomatoes face down in pot and simmer over low fire.

6. About 45 minutes into the process, the butternut squash should be cooked and the tomatoes skins separated from the tomatoes.

7. Add tamarind to tomato mix and simmer.

8. Turn off squash pot, pour out water and let Butternut squash cool.

9. Remove skins from tomatoes and use knife and fork to cut remaining tomato ingredients into bite-sized or smaller pieces.

10. Cut Butternut squash the long way down the middle. Peel, remove seeds, and chop into chunks.

11. Stir Tamarind after 10 minutes then remove the pulp.

12. Press and remove Jalapeño if you prefer mild dishes. Likewise, open Jalapeño if you would like extra spice.

13. Add Butternut squash to mix and stir.

14. Add chopped Zucchini chunks. I chopped them while waiting for the tomatoes and Butternut squash.

16. Add Agave to taste.

17. My mom liked the dish as it was. I added squirts of lime. She also liked the added lime.

I hope you like it!

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