There Is No Tomorrow…

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Lately, I have been  exploring the ways in which a person can easily become fat. I believe it has more to do with how you eat than anything else. It begins with a thought or what some call a “craving.” So much energy is given to this thought that it eventually controls the actions.

The cravings, when indulged, can easily over-power the consciousness of the body. If a person is so caught up in the flavor of the food, they can mindlessly want more and more and eat until the belly stretches or is even sore. In their mind, it is easy to say, ” tomorrow I will do better.”  “I’ll stop eating this tomorrow” or ” today is my last day.”

If you say, “Today is my last day,” then that usually sets up a rule to break. You are so focused on what you should not do that you end up doing it. Additionally, it stretches the parameters of what is acceptable today, since tomorrow is the end.

Consequently, one of the goals in weight-loss is to establish in the mind that “there is no tomorrow.” Everything must begin today or you will always have that fat belly and before long that fat belly will expand even more and spill over into other areas of the body. Most people plan their diet weeks in advance, leaving too much room to gain more weight, in the meantime.

A complimentary technique that incredibly helpful is mindful eating. This is when your full focus is on eating versus a distraction (ie, TV or computer). Make conscious efforts to stop and take full breaths after a few bites of food. This will help you to become more aware of how the food you eat is affecting you.

You will notice how easy it is to ignore clear signs that you have eaten too much. There is a distinct discomfort or even pain in which the body is crying out. If you feel no stretching or pain, then you are burping up food or juices or bits from the food….or the fermentation of multiple foods waiting to be digested. Alternatively, you may feel the need to burp but you cannot because the food is stuck in your esophagus.

If somehow, you manage to evade all of these signs, then you must notice the flatulence bubbling and making sounds or how about the odor from your armpits? You might be thinking that the odor has been there since third grade and everyone else has it. Perhaps everyone that you are thinking of is just as constipated as you are. There are, actually, people (usually, fruitarians) who do not have body odor and who do not need deodorant.

Instead of making rules and  setting parameters for the future, instead of defining  yourself  based on the past and saying, ” I have always had  weight problems,” try making decisions for today. Today, I am only going to eat one serving. Today, I will refuse junk food. Today, I will avoid soda. Today, I will exercise. Whatever it is that you aspire to do, do it today.

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