Are The Carrots You Eat Natural Or Artificial?

Image courtesy of Simon Howden at

Image courtesy of Simon Howden at

I read that carrots are a toxic cross-hybrid between the yarrow root and wild carrot  in Asa Ahla’s essay, “Killing Our Families In The Name Of Love.”  Someone, possibly Asa or Dr. Sebi, told me that a chemist in Holland spliced the seeds of the two in order to create the orange carrot species.  No one ever provided me with any sources; therefore, I vowed to research the info until I found it. In the meantime, I stopped eating carrots. I had received personal testimony from patients who cured themselves with Dr. Sebi’s assistance. So, I decided to follow his recommended food list.

I shared my carrot info with a culinary arts graduate and he thought it was a lie. He was one of those “experts” who thought he knew everything about food. Several months later, I ran into the guy again and he told me that I was right. He told me he read about it in a book but he could not remember the source and I never saw him again.

I searched the internet many times and the only thing I learned was that the original carrots were purple. Several months ago, I ordered as many vegetable history books as I could find in the library. Most of them said the same thing; that carrots were originally purple and the orange carrots mysteriously appeared.

Eventually I found a motive for the invention of the orange carrot on CUESA, “ ..the history of the orange vegetables that are so familiar to us today began in 16th century Holland during the rule of The House of Orange. No, it’s not a coincidence. Dutch farmers developed orange carrots (a cross of purple and yellow varieties) in an act of patriotism. After this development, Holland became the premier carrot-breeding country. Using, both Dutch varieties and the modern wild carrot (Queen Anne’s Lace), the contemporary carrot was developed by a French horticulturist in the 1800s.” –

I still wanted to source the actual splicing of the seed, so I continued to search books.  I’m currently reading HOW CARROTS WON THE TROJAN WAR.  This book illustrates how chemists and horticulturists were generously paid to develop various species of vegetables. Through experimentation, wild carrots were transformed from a skinny purple to a thick fleshy variety by French seedsman Henri Vilmorin….

 “The aesthetically appealing orange carrot is said to be a late-sixteenth or early seventeenth-century development of the Dutch, who were the dominate carrot breeders.” “From the first orange original, Dutch growers soon produced the even deeper-colored Long Orange, a hefty carrot intended for storage, and the smaller sweet Horn.  The Horn was further fine-tuned to yield, by the mid-eighteenth century, three breeds  of orange carrot carrying in earliness and size….Collectively, these 200-year-old Dutch carrots are  the direct ancestors of all orange carrots grown today.”

This book also explains the myth behind the “carrot/improved vision” theory and how carrots helped Britain win a battle in World War II.  “Cat Eyes” John Cunningham, who earned his reputation for seeing in the dark, was the first pilot to use radar to gun down enemy planes…

“The RAF, in an attempt to distract German attention from the bristling radar towers along the British coast, spread the story that Cunningham and his fellow night flying pilots owed their success to a prodigious diet of vision-enhancing carrots. It’s not clear how the carrot con went down with the German high in command, but the British civilian population  swallowed it, in the belief that eating carrots would help them navigate in the blackout.”

I am still searching for the one book which reveals how the wild yam and yarrow root were chemically combined. However, one truth is evident. Orange carrots are not a naturally occurring phenomena. While it is true that farmers, horticulturists and seedsmen have manipulated food production throughout history, orange carrots are a species that looks drastically different from its original skinny, purple ancestor.






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  1. Great article, i was searching for this information myself with the same question, how do you combine 200 years ago two plants that belong in different families.
    if you have more of those articles i would love to get links, you can send to my Gmail.
    that was a great read.

    • Hi Avner,

      Thanks for reading, visiting, commenting & complimenting:) Hopefully, I will remember to contact you, if I discover anything new. I would most likely update it here as well or post a new article. Please keep me in mind, if you find more info as well.

  2. Great article. Can you tell me if it’s true that carrots are acidic and bad for you? Dr Serbi says that they are man made hybrids and they are acidic. I didn’t believe him but this article does prove that they’re hybrid, just trying to research the rest.

    • Hi Marty, thanks for the visit and compliment. The short answer to your question is that I don’t know.

      I wanted to write a post about acid/alkaline foods and found so many contradictory opinions about what is acid and what is alkaline. First, there’s the chemical state before digestion. Then, there’s what becomes acid or alkaline after digestion.

      Arnold Ehret has a brief acid/alkaline list in his book, Mucusless Diet Healing System. However, I didn’t see carrots. I am uncertain about Dr. Sebi’s method of determining the acid/alkalinity of the foods on his list. He has made great contributions. However, there are foods (like nuts and grains) on his alkaline list that are very misleading.

      I wish I was a biologist and had a lab to test foods. Instead, I have to rely on observation and common sense. One thing I do know is that all root vegetables are more challenging for the body to digest than other vegetables. Carrots seem to be one of the worst. I remember carrots exiting the stool, looking the same color and having what seemed to be the same texture. My conclusion was that they do not assimilate well in the body.

  3. Love this article and all the sources that you ciyed, crazy how they don’t teach you things like this in school.

  4. I’m happy to answer the person who wrote this article.

    Dr. Sebi knew that the carrot was hybrid because it doesn’t produce its own seed to reproduce its own self but he didn’t know how it was made.

    The U.S.A. finally accepted Dr. Sebi claim after the television program NOVA came out with the episode “Seeds of Tomorrow” in 1985. The episodes aired in October & showed America that the carrot was made by crossing the queen anne lace (yarrow) with the wild yam.

    Dr Sebi was delighted that NOVA brought it to peoples attention because before that episode aired on PBS no one believed it was man made & thought he was crazy.

      • I apologize to you Michelle & the readers but I don’t want to confuse everyone thinking that the yarrow & queen anne lace are the same. I just got into herbology & I’m still learning but mistakes like that is common in early stages like confusing catsear & dandelion.

    • Thanks for clearing this up. I also had researched Dr. Sebi’s claim about carrots and found truth to his findings.

  5. I apologize the yarrow & queen Anne lace look alike but are two different plants. I tend to do that also with dandelion & cats ear but the confusion is noticeable. Sorry for mixing the two as the same.

    • Hi Lauren,

      I haven’t done any research, specifically, about the various colors of potatoes. There’s a book that I hope to obtain in the near future that may have that info. Root vegetables, in general, are very starchy and challenging to digest. Like all starches, they create carbonic acid in the body. So, if you choose to eat these vegetables, realize that they may not be the healthiest choice.

      I hope that helps…

  6. Thank you for your post. Dr. SEBI RECOMMEND to avoid carrots. I know in Afghanistan in villages carrots are either yellow or purple naturally and very soft. Modern carrots in West that are also imported To Afghanistan are orange and taste nothing like our own carrots. Great to read your post.

  7. Do you know if there are any carrot varieties that are original, like the Dragon carrot? I was trying to find info on it but havent found anything yet. Thanks

    Reply ↓

    • Great question, Fred. I am unaware of any. However, I hold the belief (based on Ehret’s teaching and my own observation) that root veggies…starchy, grown underground – away from the direct energy of the sun…offer nothing beneficial to the human body. Instead, they clog the GI tract.

  8. To me this just seems that only orange carrots are unnatural and harmful?? Not the purple and yellow ones. And Ive heard that some acid is needed to break down food in the stomach?

    • I could see why you would think that, Mikel. However, my perspective is based on the teachings of the healer, Arnold Ehret. Professor & Author, Ehret, taught that constipation is the cause of all illness. No matter what the color, carrots are roots. Roots are more challenging to digest and they constipate the body faster than non-starchy vegetables.

      Marketers and advertisers will always try to make you believe that the body needs something. The top healers believe that the body is naturally prepared to do things like breaking down food without any external substances.

  9. If carrots are so bad then why are so many cancer patients finding healing in orange carrot juice? Whether from a plant or root all food is nourishing to the body. Google info on carrot juice healing effects.

    • I doubt that these cancer patients just started drinking the juice and started becoming healthier. They are usually encouraged to change their entire lifestyle. So there are probably other factors helping them to heal.

      The juice won’t constipate the body in the same way as a root would. So, if it is working for them, more power to them.

      All food is nourishing? You are entitled to your opinion…

    • I think that certain foods like orange carrot do have some benefits for certain things but can be harmful in other ways. Just like garlic. Ive taken garlic to get rid of the flu but its super acidic. So some foods can be helpful in some ways yet harmful as well in other ways.

      • True. Also, Ehret explains how certain foods and substances appear to be helping the body. When people start showing symptoms, a lot of the times, it’s actually the body’s cleansing process. People take certain substances which interfere with that process and the symptoms stop…so, then people assume that whatever they took is healing the body. Too much to explain here, right now.

    • Lee if you trust Google to guide you in your journey for truth then be prepared to crash. lol

      A person who is suffering from cancer can simple find healing by not consuming anything at all (Fasting) Interms of health they would see good progress transitioning from porkchops too carrot juice even though carrots has no nutritional value. Im just using pork as an example but if you want too drink carrot juice instead of Soda than that would be smart because carrots is less detrimental…

  10. I was wondering where I can find some readings of Ehret maybe on Also, do you know if anyone like family took over his work when he passed? Thanks 🙂

  11. This is very informative. I felt vindicated. My family, friends and relatives bullied me for saying carrot is artificial because i do not have the right information to back-up. Thank you for sharing this. I shut them up. I am looking forward for more information like this. God bless!

    • Trust me, I kid not, organic carrot juice fights cancer. People have been cured from disease because of juicing organic carrot juice. I thought would die! Do lifestyle and juicing carrots God healed me. Google info on carrot juice & cancer. Hit YouTube and you find success stories. You can eat bad and take carrot and still be healed. It detoxifies the liver. I know it’s hybrid vegetable but carrot juice fights inflammation. I will always take carrot juice. Get a juicer. Try for yourself. Dr. Sebi thinks broccoli, garlic other Hybrid vegetable are bad for you, but you must try for yourself.

      • Hi Rony,

        It’s great that carrot juice helped you. It doesn’t change the fact that it’s an artificial, starchy root vegetable that’s difficult to digest. I agree that everyone should try things for themselves. As for what Dr. Sebi said, all vegetables are hybrid, at this point. However Broccoli is highly sulphurous, it’s starchy and more difficult to digest than the items on his recommended foods list. It’s the acid content that Dr. Sebi was most concerned with. When you attempt to heal the body, you want to keep it more alkaline. Therefore, he promoted the more alkaline producing foods.

        • Alkaline is good. I try to eat a lot of alkaline foods, but a little acidity (root vegetable) every now and then is not bad. However I do understand what your saying. Remember theirs a good and bad side to everything.

        • Garlic is acidic yet it is also a natural pain reliever. Get a garlic crusher and crushed the garlic, let it set for 10 minutes, pour a little lime or lemon juice to dilute the taste with a cup of water. Drink it and theirs no need for Advil. Beet juice is great for bone cancer. Any sick person trying to fight inflammation the natural way may need to use some acidic foods. Organic Carrot Organic Garlic, Organic Beets.

          • Lee do you realize that acidic foods is what causes inflammation in the first place. Inflammation is the response of your immune system trying to heal cells that has been damage through trama or …..acid foods.

            We are made up of trillions of cells each forming body parts, organs, fluids, ect. Each cell that makes up something that’s a part of you vibrates at a certain resonance & this process needs to be at an alkaline state in order to function properly but when you introduce acid to the body, your slowing the vibration rate of these cells. Now your body has to steal mineral deposits from other parts of your body to buffer this acidity out (mostly calcium) & return the cells & its environment into an alkaline state to keep you vibrating & living healthy. The older you get the worse your body can react to “buffering or eliminating” the toxins/fat/mucous especially if you never change your acidic diet.

            I understand about the “good in the bad foods” you are referring too like garlic. How it does lower blood pressure but then again destroys the lining if your digestive system and basically any other cells it comes into contact with especially the central nerve system (spinal/brain). That’s why whoever (I don’t care what race you are, European, African, Asian ect. ect.) eats too much garlic your body tends to perspire the garlic through every pore you have.

            Tart cherries as an example would do just the same as garlic (lower blood pressure, fight indections) but with no harmful side effects because it is native to the world not man made. Your body will take less energy to process or assimilate something god or nature made. The less complicated the food is too digest the better your health will be.

            Its very quite simple really to understand life as it is
            Alkaline body + Alkaline Foods = Good Health.
            Alkaline body + Acid Foods = Bad Health. Understanding that we all can turn into healers & heal the ones that are misguided or lost.

  12. they weren’t combined “chemically they’re not explaining the method in the historical accounts because in context, it goes without saying that the carrots were bred to be orange, in the same fashion as any bee breeds any flower, but not at random. just like any gardener knows that squash must be hand-fertilized, & that any volunteer squash are good only for calabashes, not food. orange carrots are no more unnatural than a red-headed child: just as often as not, neither parent has red hair. the child is not unnatural, they are simply expressing the combination of genes they have been given from their parents. their parents have their own combination from THEIR parents, so their appearance is different, but the gene, the code that tells the body to make orange pigment instead of brown, is present in the parents too. it is the same with the carrots. nature does not allow for nonviable bloodlines to continue. the mule is an excellent example of this. you can force a horse and a mule to mate, but that offspring CANNOT make any offspring of its own. if carrots were such an abomination, they would not produce viable seeds. another example of the infertility caused by true genetic meddling is the seedless watermelon, or even GMO tomatoes. carrots, however, produce fruitful seeds. much like people(or any other living creature), their offspring may or may not physically resemble them, but it is nonetheless natural. research george mendel & his pea plants for more details on the basics of this fundamental process of life.

    • Hey Maui:) I love your name & loved the island when I visited. Looks like your comment was caught up in spam & I am just noticing it. Thank you for taking the time to read and provide your input…definitely worth researching and please share, if you have any sources. From one google search, I found an article stating that the carrots in the supermarket are sterile.. Check it out: Thanks again:)

  13. Thank you for this article. A lot of my friends didn’t believe me and hopefully they can see my side from somebody else.

  14. Thank you for the info. Love the Island of Maui also. Lived in Waikiki for about 24 years (1990 – 2014).

    To address maui’s comment, I disagree with her(?) analogy using a red-haired kid. The orange carrot came about from a forced hybridization and not a nayurally occuring (such as what MAY happen with bee pollenation). Any plants that “combine” naturally will still produce seeds, AND will do so because they have a natural affinity towards each other. Starch is produced in vegetables that have undergone man-produced hybridization because there is not a natural affinity. The starch is essentially a by-product that binds. Starch is not good for human consumption, and only creates indigestible mucus and acids. You can see when you put starch in gravies, etc. Imagine that thickening in your blood and cells. Horrible. I once did a research report in an economics honors class on the tobacco industry. I learned that the growers of tobacco had created many “advancements” in crop growing. These were not applied to just tobacco plants. In fact, so much of farming had taken its cues from the tobacco industry. So research and research. Don’t listen to the common (mis)understanding of things that are fed to the masses. You are only here to work, and only for so long, then you must die to keep the population down.

    I come as Self, Love, and Light.

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