The 2013 Shift: How It May Be Affecting Your Body: Digestion, Constipation, Illness, Pain, Weight Gain and Natural Remedies…


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Since the shift into 2013, I noticed that my digestion had slowed within myself and others in my circle. I also observed that certain family members and friends had experienced wellness issues more often. I immediately suspected that our recent shift into what some Mayan visionaries label the “Beginning of a New World Age, Awakening, or Dimensional Shift,”  had changed our digestion.

Examples of digestion related (constipation) symptoms include: head colds, headaches, insulin imbalances, nausea, pain, loss of appetite, weight gain. The list of long-term, constipation related illnesses are endless so it’s important that you resolve these issues immediately. This article will illustrate the symptoms and natural solutions for constipation.


The Mayan Calendar is based upon a system of calendars which began earlier than 5th century BC. Mayans used this calendar to predict that the end of 2012 marked the ending of a cycle. Many people misinterpreted this as the end of the world. Visionaries like, José Argüelles, Ian Xel Lungold and Aryz Eden Sky, called it a shift into a New World Age; new dimensions, a synchronization, planetary shifts and new awareness.  For More Information visit:, watch this video


My theory began, May 2012, after learning about solar flares and its affects on our bodies from Heather Carlini, who is in the midst of writing a book about Solar Flare Symptoms, has worked on thousands of cases dealing with regressive therapy, the non-conscious immune system and how our symptoms tell us what emotions are stored in the body. She writes,

“The body is working extra hard to assimilate these new energies, and in so doing, it requires extra water in order for the body to energetically digest these new energies.  It is very important that you drink extra water at this time so the body doesn’t become dehydrated.“

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When I noticed my poor digestion, at the beginning of the year, I searched for online articles on Ascension symptoms and found ALIGNING TO NEW DIMENSIONS. Aluna Joy Yaxk’in describes how the shift is affecting our bodies,

“Many sensitives have been feeling nausea, insomnia, having bad dreams, feeling hot and cold, deeply passionless and depressed and feeling unhinged from the 3D world in general. I feel like I am standing on a huge fault line that is about to unleash a 9 point earthquake; but I know this is NOT what it is. This is something our bodies are adjusting to. We are trying to compare this new energy to something it knew from the past and our history. This is the new and un-experienced, un-known energy that our body does not understand. By mid-year we will begin to understand what this means to us.”

After experiencing constipation from eating mangoes and lettuce after a fast, I decided to research shift related symptoms again. Yesterday I read, “The Ascension Process & Eating/Digestion Difficulties,” by Denise Lefay and viewed the comments of many people who are experiencing similar symptoms.


Many people assume that constipation is when a person is unable to have a bowel movement. While this is one indication, there are many constipated people who are able to have multiple excrements per day.  Everything that we eat needs to exit the body.

If you are like the average American, who eats three platefuls of food each day, you should have at least three very long, toilet-bowl filling stools per day. Here’s Arnold Ehret’s description of constipation, “A clogging up of the entire pipe-system of the human body.”

In THE MUCUSLESS DIET HEALING SYSTEM, Ehret explains how the average so-called healthy person is walking around with at least 10 pounds of feces in their body. He learned this from the autopsy reports of “perfectly healthy” slender people,

“A physician of Berlin, whose life work was the performing of autopsies, stated that 60 per cent of all the corpses contained in the alimentary canal various foreign mater–worms and putrefied feces–and he further stated that in nearly all cases the walls of the intestines and colon were lined with a crust of hardened feces, making it evident that these organs had degenerated to a state of utter inefficiency. “

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Immediate Symptoms include: flatulence (gas), head colds, headaches, insulin imbalances, nausea, pain, loss of appetite, weight gain. Long-term symptoms include an unlimited number of wellness issues like; Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Blindness and Schizophrenia.  Ehret tells why these and other diseases should not be resolved by medication

“Disease is an effort of the body to eliminate waste, mucus, and toxemias, and this system assists Nature in the most perfect and natural way. Not the disease but the body is to be healed; it must be cleansed, freed from waste and foreign matter, from mucus and toxemias accumulated since childhood.”

His book explains how mucus is caused by certain foods, the ways in which toxemias enter and store in our bodies, and he offers solutions.“You cannot buy health in a bottle, you cannot heal your body, that is, cleanse your system in a few days, you must make up for the wrong you have done your body all during your life.”


When I initially noticed my constipation, I adjusted my food intake, increased my water intake and took herbal laxatives. This worked really well for me and those whom have followed similar advice. However, for me, taking laxatives was costly and I knew deep down that this was not an effective long-term plan. I eventually began fasting which has been a part of my summer regimen for the last three years.

“Without food at all, especially protein, the strength of a sick body can be increased.” – Arnold Ehret

A. Safe Fasting

Ehret recommends a short fast, of water or juicy fruit, called The Magic Mirror,” for diagnosis. A three-day fast is safe for the average healthy person.

“THE MOST EXACT, UNERRING DIAGNOSIS WE HAVE IS A SHORT FAST. The more rapidly the patient feels “worse” thru a short fast, the greater and more poisonous is his encumbrance. Should he become dizzy, suffer severe headaches, etc., he is greatly clogged up with mucus and toxemias. If palpitation of the heart occurs it is a sign that pus is somewhere in the system, or that drugs, even though taken many years ago, are in the circulation for elimination.”

He goes on to explain how the appearance of the tongue after a three-day fast indicates illness, “The coated tongue is evidence of a constitutional encumbrance throughout the entire system, which obstructs and congests the circulation by dissolved mucus, and this even appears in the urine.”

There are many fasts; the Master Cleanse, Juice Fasts, Fruit and Salad Fasts and many more.  I encourage interested readers to explore them by reading. “RATIONAL FASTING,“ by Arnold Ehret.  I have chosen not to provide much information on the subject because many fasts have failed. Safe fasting requires that you learn about metabolism as explained by Ehret. One of the ways you can safely begin fasting today is to slowly eliminate your consumption of the most constipating foods. (see list below)

B. Increase Water Intake

Drinking water prevents dehydration and helps aid digestion and could even help to reduce pain. Dr. Batmanghelidj, M. D. explains, “…auto-immune disease is connected to dehydration waste build up in the body that hasn’t been washed away. You know when you go to a field john [portable toilet] there is no water. You have a chemical there that sanitizes, deodorizes whatever is introduced into the bowl. The body uses these elements (in water) as the sanitizing elements.”

C. Natural Laxatives

Although Arnold Ehret created an herbal laxative compound called Inner Clean, he discouraged the use of non-herbal laxatives as well as the long-term use of herbal laxatives.

“All laxatives contain more or less poisons, that is, to enter the circulation in a concentrated form. The protective instinct of the body reacts instantly by a greater water supply into the stomach from the blood in order to dissolve and weaken the dangerous substance; the intestines are stimulated for increased and quickened activity, and so the “solution” is discharged, only taking parts of feces along….To continually increase the laxatives year after year, instead of changing the diet, means SUICIDE—slow, but sure.” –THE DEFINITE CURE OF CHRONIC CONSTIPATION

Rhubarb is an herbal laxative that is relatively safe for short-term use. The Fig Tree also makes two herbal compounds which offer a balanced way to clean and nourish the system: Cell Cleanser and Bio II. Prunes and Dried Figs are natural laxatives that can be used more regularly. They are especially affective when stewed and/or followed by the consumption of juicy fruits. Fresh figs are another natural and harmless laxative.

D. Decrease Consumption; Especially Constipating Foods

You could decrease your food consumption in many ways. You could choose to eliminate one or a variety of mucus causing, constipating foods at one time. Another option is to eliminate whole meals from your daily food plan. Ehret wrote about non-breakfasts and 24 hour “fasts,” used to reverse various illnesses,

“If eating breakfast is eliminated from your daily menus, you will probably experience some harmless sensations, such as headaches for the first one or two days, but after that you will feel much better, work better and enjoy your luncheon better than ever. Hundreds of severe cases have been cured by the “non-breakfast-fast alone…”

The 24 hour fast or One Meal A Day Plan is another proven method of reducing food consumption. “As with the break-fast, you can heal more severe cases with the 24-hour fast, or in cases of deep chronic encumbrance and drugs it is a careful, preliminary step to the necessary longer fasts.” Ehret recommended that the one meal be eaten, in the afternoon, around three or four o’clock.

E. Meditation and Physical Therapy

The breath-work involved with meditation, increases the flow of oxygen in the body. Ehret describes what he calls atmospheric counter-pressure, “the human body….functions automatically by inhaling air-pressure and expelling chemically changed air and outside atmospheric counter-pressure on the vacuums of the body…It has been said that breathing is life, and it is true that you develop vitality, health, thru physical and breathing exercises. It is also true that you can remove “O” [constipation] by higher air-pressure and counter-pressure in this way.” Physical therapy, like The Kneipp Cure, Calisthetics, Massage, Chiropratics, Osteopathy and Mechano-therapy, stimulates the circulation and through that the elimination of wastes.


Constipating foods cause the body to believe it is under attack. The body’s natural defense mechanism causes excess mucus to appear in the digestive tract to protect the stomach lining. The most constipating foods are meat and dairy products, fat, grains and other starches. The single most constipating product is cheese, closely followed by eggs, milk and beef.

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CHEESE AND MILK contain a very sticky substance which immediately causes the body to produce an excessive amount of mucus.  It has a high fat content and it’s closely linked to high cholesterol, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and liver diseases.Arnold Arhet writes that milk “Also makes a good glue for painting.” “Cow’s milk is too rich for adults and for babies, and plainly destructive. A baby’s stomach cannot digest what a calf can.”

He also writes, “…all milk-dieting patients suffer sooner or later from terrible constipation because milk is a first-class sticky mucus former.”  The omission of cheese and milk from your diet is the single most important action you could take to improve your overall health today. Test your body for 60 days and see for yourself.

EGGS also have a very sticky substance that was once combined with white floor for book binding. Ehret explains, “Eggs are even worse than meats, because not only have eggs too high protein qualities, but they contain a glue property much worse than meat and are therefore very constipating, quite more so than meat.” Therefore, the same ingredients used in many baked goods can be used to create a paste which binds materials.

MEATS and mixed eating with meats take a significantly longer amount of time to exit the body than the 72 hour digestion period described in medical journals, “Once you chew and swallow your food, it takes off on a trip through your oesophagus, stomach, small and large intestine, pancreas, gallbladder, and liver. In the process, your body absorbs important vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, fats and proteins. It can take hours or days for the food to complete its journey.”

Colon experts have reported the existence of old, hardened fecal matter in the colon. Scott W. Webb discloses “When I first became a colon hygienist, I was shocked by the tremendous volume of rotten fecal matter coming out from a typical person. The average release during a cleansing session is three to five feet long. On the extreme end, I’ve seen solid pieces totaling ten feet removed and once witnessed fifteen feet of fecal-mess flood from a skinny woman weighing ninety pounds.”

People with a low intake of animal products eliminate their bowels at a faster rate. “In sub-Saharan Africa and other poor parts of the world where people can’t afford animal products and eat a diet high in unprocessed fiber, they have stools as big as my head two to three times a day and virtually no diverticulosis.” – Robynne K. Chutkan, MD, FASGE-POTHOLES IN YOUR COLON

FAT causes clogging of the colon as well as the arteries and small blood vessels. Ehret teaches “All fats are acid forming, even those of vegetable origin, and are not used by the body.” You will continue to like, crave and use them only as long as you can still see mucus in the “magic mirror.”

GRAINS AND FLOUR PRODUCTS create acid and mucus in the body. Ehret reveals “The worst of all is white flour, because it makes the best paste…. Raw cereals, if toasted, are to some extent a mucus broom, but contain stimulants, wrongly believed to be “food value.”

LEGUMES, like lentils, dried beans and dried peas are protein rich foods causing effects similar to meat and eggs. Peanuts can be classified as a legume.

POTATOES, which also constipate, are somewhat better than flour products due to their mineral salt content. They do not form a sticky paste however, the mucus forming acids slow digestion within the body. Within a twenty-four hour period of potato consumption, some people have reported feeling that something was stuck in areas related to their colon. According to Ehret, “Sweet potatoes come close to natural sweets but are too rich.”

RICE contains high arsenic levels as demonstrated by consumer, “Organic rice baby cereal, rice breakfast cereals, brown rice, white rice—new tests by Consumer Reports have found that those and other types of rice products on grocery shelves contain arsenic, many at worrisome levels. Arsenic not only is a potent human carcinogen but also can set up children for other health problems in later life.” It is “one of the greatest mucus formers and makes and excellent paste. I firmly believe thru my experience with serious cases of illness (awful boils, etc.) prevalent among one-sided rice eaters, that rice is the fundamental cause of leprosy, that terrible pestilence.” – Arnold Ehret

The last group, of top constipating foods, is NUTS. Ehret points out, “All nuts are too rich in protein and fat and should be eaten only in winter, and then only sparingly. Nuts should be chewed together with some dried sweet fruits or honey, never with juicy fruits, because water and fat do not mix.”


The only non-mucus forming and cleansing foods are juicy fruit and raw green-leaf vegetables.

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Juicy fruits break up the mucus in the body. Arnold Erhet recommended dried fruit (prunes, raisins and figs) followed by juicy fruits for a natural laxative. Raw green leafy vegetables comb the intestines to aid the elimination of mucus and food. “Once man is healthy in my sense of the word, thru fasting and fruit diet, he of course, need not fast any longer; for only then will he find pleasure in eating which he never dreamt before.”















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