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Allergy season is quickly approaching. I searched the web for remedies and noticed that most articles focus on the triggers and medication. Today, I am sharing my stories to hopefully help you avoid misery and/or medication this year.

I was plagued with sinus trouble throughout childhood and used all kinds of over the counter pills and sprays. While in college, I developed seasonal allergies as well and began using prescription medication. I was extremely miserable, sneezing constantly and had little relief from medication.

I read, “African Holistic Health” by Dr. Llaila Afrika and learned that food is the cause of allergies. I decided to test my body by gradually omitting the already limited amount of meat in my diet. When I finally stopped eating poultry, the allergies ended. However, my nasal passages were truly freed, when I stopped eating cheese. For the first time in my life, I could consistently wake up without clearing my nose.

The standard diet consists of foods that clog the digestive system (constipation) and cause the body to produce an excessive amount of mucus (otherwise known as inflammation, pus, cancer, tumors, cysts, cholesterol). The strongest mucus producing product is dairy. Cheese, milk, eggs, and butter are sticky substances that clog our veins. Our digestive tracts become clogged, the body thinks it is under attack and mucus rushes in to protect the stomach.

The body responds in a similar way to gluten because it also clogs the digestive tract. Constipation causes the mucus which travels throughout the body via the bloodstream. Allergy symptoms are simply our body’s way of cleansing. Synthetic medication, sprays and/or creams suppress the body’s natural ability to heal and will eventually exacerbate the problem.

The easiest food for the body to digest is effortless to chew, watery in content and without starch. There are other factors that contribute to allergies like man-made additives, processed food, pesticides, hybrids, chemically altered and genetically modified foods. You can avoid most of these by purchasing organic produce.

There are also external factors that may contribute to or trigger allergic reactions.  I, once, broke out in itchy hives on my arms and armpits. When the doctor told me that he would prescribe a cream that would leave scars, I sought the opinion of an alternative healer.

I eventually discovered that my body could no longer tolerate the chemicals in mainstream deodorant. I switched to deodorants that were free of aluminum and propylene glycol and the hives disappeared without scars. Can you imagine what would have happened had I used the doctor-prescribed cream?

My hive ordeal is another example of how modern medicine focuses on triggers and symptoms without addressing the cause. Our skin is our largest organ; soaking up everything that is applied, affecting the veins and organs within. My guess is that the deodorant’s chemicals, would have caused internal disease, after long-term usage.

If you have allergies, I recommend that you abstain from one product at a time, for 3-4 weeks, to find the culprit. You can begin eliminating your allergies today. Go ahead! Test your body and see for yourself.

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