Spicy Ginger Squash Soup…


IMG_20140105_110646565This soup is so good that I made it twice, ate it all and forgot to take photos for you. Luckily, the appearance is similar to a squash dish that I posted in January. This one tastes so much better to me and it is naturally warm.


Tomatoes (10 medium)

Thyme (2 tsp, ground)

Ginger (1 medium-sized root)

Scallion (1 cup chopped of the white and light green part)

Cilantro (4 cups chopped, leaves only)

Jalapeño ( 1 with stem removed)

Butternut Squash (1 large)

Zucchini (3 large)

Olive Oil (2 tbsp)

Tamarind paste (pinch the size of a quarter)

Water (8 cups )

Agave (sweeten to taste)


1. Boil Butternut Squash until tender.

Blog Pics 007

2. Remove  the skin and seeds from the Butternut Squash and chop into bite-sized chunks.

3. Slice tomatoes in half and remove the pits.

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4. Remove skin from ginger and chop into medium–sized pieces so that you can either avoid eating them or remove them from your soup. (If you like eating ginger, you could alternatively chop it into tiny bits. In this case, you would only need half of one ginger root.)

5. Chop zucchini into bite-sized chunks.

6. Mince the white and light green portions of the scallions.

7. Chop cilantro.

8. Mash the tamarind to make sure there are no seeds add two teaspoons of water and mash it more to loosen the paste into a sauce.


1.  Add Olive oil to pot and tilt the pot around to lightly lubricate the bottom.

2. Place the tomatoes face down in the pot, cover pot and simmer or low to medium fire.

3. Once the skin begins to lift off of the tomatoes, gently remove them with a fork.

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4. Pour the stewed tomatoes into a Vitamix or blender and blend until smooth.

5. Pour tomato sauce into pot and add Butternut Squash, Zucchini, Jalapeño, Ginger, Thyme and Tamarind.

6. Cover pot and cook over medium heat for 10 minutes and stir.

7. Add water, increase fire and allow soup to boil for 15 minutes.

8. Turn fire off, add cilantro and allow it to steep in the pot for five minutes.

9. Locate Jalapeño, press juice out and remove it if you do not want a spicier soup. Cut it into pieces and stir, if you like it spicy.

10. Sweeten with Agave to taste.


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