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Image courtesy of bejim / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of bejim / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I read a Cleveland Clinic article which inspired me to debunk the erroneous theories about diabetes. I have watched too many people fall victim to a system of beliefs which fail to help them heal. The truth about diabetes is far less complicated than the medical industry claims.

The article, “Control Your Blood Sugar and Diabetes,” consists of an info-graphic demonstrating how diabetes leads to “complications caused by nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy) and poor circulation (peripheral vascular disease).”  These “complications,” include damage to the brain, eyes, ears, teeth, pancreas, muscles, skin, stomach, intestines and heart.

The solutions proposed in the Cleveland Clinic article were new medications and bariatric surgery. I have known people, diagnosed with diabetes, who have  chosen these kinds of “solutions” and never recovered. Instead, they went down a long road of misery, constant blood monitoring, medications, insulin, dialysis and surgery.  I have also known many people who have chosen natural methods and have become healthier, happy people.

“Diabetes symptoms” include dry mouth, itchy skin, excessive thirst and appetite, abdominal pain, nausea, frequent urination and yeast infection. Since there is medication for all of these symptoms, it can take months or years before a person is diagnosed. Keep in mind that “symptoms” are the body’s way of eliminating toxins.

Diabetes is diagnosed through a blood-glucose test, typically after an eight-hour fast. The accuracy of glucose monitoring is limited, due to everything from strip manufacturing, incorrect hand washing and everything in between. Additionally, there are many unexplored factors that interfere with blood glucose levels like physical activity, medication and stress. Nonetheless, in the medical industry, tests are the method which distinguishes the diseased from the healthy.

Once diagnosed, the diabetes is blamed on the body. Doctors will, mostly likely, offer one of three explanations. They will either tell you that the pancreas fails to produce insulin, the immune system has turned against the body or the body is not using the insulin correctly.

Seriously, the immune system turned against the body? What kind of sense does that make? Think about it.

The concept of “insulin” was developed in 1921 when a student and a professor removed the pancreas from dogs, created pancreas extract injections and conducted experiments. They never cured anything. Instead, they made the dogs dependent on injections for the rest of their lives, just like the medical industry is doing to humans who accept these theories and treatments today.

Here are renowned healer Arnold Ehret’s theories:

“Every disease, no matter what name it is known by Medical Science, is [constipation] a clogging up of the entire pipe system of the human body.”

He explains how this constipation, caused by poor eating habits, leads to a buildup of mucus and toxins within the body. Here is what he writes about liver and kidney diseases,

“These organs are of a very spongy construction, and their function is that of a kind of physiological sieve. They are, therefore, easily constipated by sticky mucus.”

So that is it! This so-called, “diabetes” is caused by the individual who becomes ill. He or she simply consumed too much of the wrong products for a number of years, his or her digestive tract became overloaded and organs like the pancreas and kidneys suffered as a result. The “diabetic” probably ignored all kinds of symptoms, most likely, using chemicals like aspirin, antacids  and antihistamines along the way.

Pain, even if it is a toothache, is the body’s way of telling you that it is constipated.  Likewise, a head cold, itching or an eye infection is the body’s way of informing you of its need to cleanse. The blood is no longer able to circulate; especially, in the areas where there is pus and/or pain. So,  “complications,” like those reported in the Cleveland Clinic article, usually begin long before “diabetes.”

Most people do not know what it feels like to have full circulation of blood throughout the body because they became constipated at an early age. However, when they begin to free their bloodstream of the excess mucus and acids, their pain disappears, their other “symptoms” subside and they can feel sensations in places they never imagined.

The truth is that you can eliminate diabetes by discovering and then avoiding all of the things that caused it.  Regardless of what the medical industry will have you believe, you have the option of healing completely without medication or surgery. To learn more, I suggest that you order a copy of The Mucusless Diet Healing System, by Arnold Ehret. There are other posts on this site which may be helpful to you as well. I also recommend that you find a health coach to assist you in your healing journey and help you reconnect to the power within you.


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