Embrace The Power Of Citrus!

Citrus Fruits During the research for, Is Your Nutrition Advice Causing You Pain?, I found a food science experiment and saved it for this post (see video below). I have recently been witnessing the amazing effects that citrus fruit has on the body.  Most people view an orange as a snack but today I will share a few reasons why I believe citrus is the most important meal of the day; especially, for those who want to lose weight.

As much as I love mangoes, oranges have recently taken center-stage as the number one food for my body. I stopped eating them for many years when I failed to find the organic fruit with seeds. What Happened To The Seeds? This year I learned that, at certain times of the year, I could find organic Temple and Valencia oranges and they still have seeds.

When I first experienced Temple oranges, the taste was so amazing that I found myself wanting to eat them all day.  I was eating a 100% fruitarian diet and already felt as if electrical currents were pulsing in my veins. So the only difference that I noticed was that without drinking water I still had frequent urination.

When I began eating cooked food again, I continued eating oranges and noticed how quickly it dissolved the mucus in my body. What really amazed me was the way in which it improved my digestion and continued that feeling of electrical currents.  I recalled how grapefruit also helped to dislodge some undigested food that even herbs had failed to move.

I have advised hundreds of people to eat grapefruit for weight loss. Grapefruit burns fat and reduces cellulite. Many people have reported great results from going on various grapefruit diets. I believe that people can achieve similar goals from eating any type of citrus fruit. As the video below demonstrates, fruit can charge a battery. I believe they, likewise, charge our bodies.

The Top Five Benefits Of Citrus…

1. Breaks up and dissolves the mucus in the body.

2. Improves circulation of the blood.

3. Increases the alkalinity in the body.

4. Aids digestion

5. Hydrates the body.  

I recommend eating the whole fruit. Pills and juices are processed and pasteurized and they do not impart the same nutritional value.  Fruit, in general, is the best first meal of the day. If you experience discomfort (e.g. headaches or stomach-aches) from a fruit breakfast, then you are most likely constipated.

The discomfort usually passes within an hour. However, it is a sign that you need to reduce the amount of food you eat, especially at night. Once you are able to eat fruit comfortably for breakfast, you will notice an overall improvement in your health.

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