Are You Missing Optimal Rejuvenation Time?

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God rested on the seventh day, after creating the world, and eventually gave instructions to Moses which commanded everyone to rest and keep the day holy. Regardless of your religion, resting on this day may benefit you more than you know. In this article, I will briefly provide an explanation of the Sabbath from a religious, scientific, and wellness perspective.

The fourth commandment of the Bible provides detailed instructions for rest at the end of the week. When we look at our calendar, we can easily see that the first day of the week begins on Sunday and, therefore, the seventh day is Saturday. In Moses’ time, the days began on the sunset of the previous evening. Therefore, Friday sunset to Saturday sunset is the official Sabbath period. Today, Jews and a few sects of Christians still observe the Sabbath.

Shortly after becoming an adult, I made a personal choice to become Seventh Day Adventist and this was largely due to the Seventh Day observance of the Sabbath. I felt that, if I were to truly call myself Christian, then I should observe the day that God specified. By sacrificing all work and secular activity during this period, my body and spirit experienced the true value of rest.

Members of my church viewed Sabbath as an opportunity unite and spend the day in congregation. I enjoyed this social aspect of my new faith but I eventually learned the value of truly resting on this day. I have always been a restless individual; always  needing to be active and mostly wanting to be productive during every waking hour. However, when I allow myself to rest and actually sleep during Sabbath, it is the best rest that I receive all week.

In the book, NATURAL CURES “THEY” DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT, Kevin Trudeau writes a few paragraphs about the importance of rest. “Without proper rest, the cells are not given the opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate. Tired cells can not eliminate toxins efficiently. It is also during rest that most healing takes place.”

Trudeau describes the ideal time of rest as the time in which the sun has set. Then he  explains why the Sabbath is the best time of the week to sleep… “Each week a lunar cycle occurs starting at sundown every Friday ending at sundown every Saturday. This time period is absolutely the most ideal time for the body to recharge and rejuvenate.”

Chronobiology continues to document the rhythmic cycles in living beings. In the book, WINSTON CHURCHILL’S AFTERNOON NAP, Jeremy Campbell claims that all biological rhythms follow a seven-day clock..“Fifteen years ago, few scientists would have expected that seven-day biological cycles would prove to be so widespread and so long established in the living world. They are of very ancient origin, appearing in primitive one-celled organisms, and are thought to be present even in bacteria, the simplest form of life now existing.”

If all living beings have this innate seven day cycle and we know that the sun and moon also has cycles, there may be merit to Trudeau’s recommendation. Chronobiologists have failed to find a connection between the cycles of living beings and the cycles of planets.  Correlating events in human and animal studies have suggested that we are affected by the lunar cycle. As Time Magazine’s Jeffrey Kluger reports

“Less well-known is the lunar link to the electrochemistry of the brain in epileptic patients, which changes in the few days surrounding the moon, making seizures more likely. And then, there are the anecdotal accounts of the effects the moon has on sleep. People have long reported that it is harder to get to sleep and remain sleep when the moon is full.”

If you ever have the option of resting on the Sabbath, try napping. You may be surprised by the amount of energy you have in the following week.

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