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Fasting is one of the most popular topics on my blog. Many people have sent emails asking for tips or my fasting journals. I am reluctant to give out random advice because fasting should be customized according to each individual. This is something that, renowned healer, Arnold Ehret repeatedly stressed.

Fasting can be a very rewarding experience but you must understand the healing process when you attempt any level of deep cleansing. I have already touched on the emotional aspects. However there are physical crises as well.

Some people claim that the crises happen every seven days but I have found them to happen randomly, especially in the early stages of a person’s healing journey. One thing for certain is that you experience ups and downs and you could feel better on the 21st day than you do on the 5th day. The crises could be anything from flu like symptoms and pain to skin issues. Depending on the type of fast you do, you may not have any symptoms at all.

As Ehret explains, “Almost all fasting attempts fail through the ignorance of the fact that with the beginning of the mucusless diet the old mucus is being excreted so much more forcibly until that person is absolutely clean and healthy. THUS THE SEEMINGLY HEALTHY PERSON HAS FIRST TO PASS THROUGH A CONDITION OF SICKNESS (CLEANSING) or go through an intermediate stage of illness to a higher level of health.”

Therefore, if you want an intense, disease curing cleanse, you really have to be prepared to feel discomfort. Recognize that you could re-experience every illness that you ever suppressed with pharmaceuticals. Remember, symptoms are your body’s expression of healing. So when you begin to allow that process to take place, it will be uncomfortable.

A good Mucusless Diet coach will customize a plan and help you navigate through the discomfort. Each cleanse needs to be designed according to the individual’s goals, health history and eating habits. How you enter into a fast and how you end a fast are extremely important. It’s vital that you report any severe discomfort that you have to your health coach.

Having a support system of like-minded individuals is another important factor. In Ehret’s words, “Our loved ones, because of the inborn fear of starvation inculcated in all of us since early childhood, find it impossible to withhold well-intentioned warnings and often plead tearfully with the faster to “eat something.” They honestly and sincerely believe that great bodily harm, even death itself, will inevitably result from a fast of more than a few days at most. Their pleadings, when ignored, often lead to hysterical and angry efforts to force the faster to “eat some good nourishing food” and the unfortunate sick person, already weakened through illness, loses his original determination to “get well or else” – and succumbs to their pleading by “eating something” which often are the very foods that should not be used!”

If you want to fast, I recommend that you schedule a consultation today. Take advantage of my consultations by donation while the offer is still available. For more information, see the Wholistic Consultations page or email

“Start the “cleansing” (fasting) program before a more serious, chronic condition develops! Minor ailments such as headaches, biliousness, nervousness, injuries and even excessive grief, all indicate the desirability of missing a meal or two.” – Arnold Ehret

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2 Replies to “Fasting Tips…”

  1. Thanks for the tips. I will consider them when getting ready to do a serious fast. I wonder what your thoughts are about fasting from one type of food such as carbohydrates for 90 days? A few of my colleagues are thinking of fasting from carbs for several months at the end of the year. One colleague and her boy friend says that we get addicted to carbs quickly and the nutrition value is very low.

    • By carbohydrates, it appears that you are referring to complex carbohydrates otherwise known as starch. I agree that they are addictive & harmful & I wrote about it. Feel free to read the post and share it with your collegues:

      A ninety day fast from “starch” is an excellent way for you to see how much better your body is without it. I am almost certain that you would lose weight, in case that is a goal. I would recommend that you all include simple carbohydrates in the form of ripe juicy fruit & berries into your diets during your fast (ideally for breakfast).

      The fruit will cleanse the body of fungus that most starch eaters have in their bodies and also help to eliminate the starch cravings. Although banana is a starch, the starch is broken down when they turn brown.

      Best wishes!

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