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Men, you are largely responsible for the health of your children. If you truly want to them to excel in strength and intelligence, resist junk food, processed foods, meat and dairy products, prior to conception. Women, your diet matters as well. Scientists believe that the first trimester is the most important phase of fetus development.

Using a plant as a comparison, “motherhood” can be said to represent the QUALITY of the soil; fatherhood” represents the quality of the seed—of the germ. A relatively poor almost barren soil but a good quality of seed produces a fairly good plant, but a defective seed, even though planted in the best of soil, NOTHING.” – Arnold Ehret

If you are having trouble conceiving, you and your partner must cleanse your bodies of old hardened mucus, poisons and dead cells. The fastest and safest way is through an herbal cleanse. For more information, read The Fig Tree: Those Amazing Herbs. Fasting is another very effective cleanse. However, it is not recommended without the advice of a Mucusless Diet Practitioner or a thorough understanding of professor Ehret’s teachings.

“Headaches, toothaches, vomiting and all other so-called “diseases of pregnancy” disappear and painless childbirth, an ample sufficiency of very sweet milk, babies that never cry, babies who are very differently “clean,” as compared with others, are the wonderful facts that I have learned from every woman becoming a mother after having lived on this diet.”—Arnold Ehret

The Mucusless Diet consists of juicy fruit and green-leaf vegetables. Ehret slowly transitioned his patients into this diet before eventually helping them reverse their diseases. Many people were cured before they became fruitarians via Ehret’s Mucus Poor and Mucus Lean diets. Herbal healing usually makes the cleansing process easier on a less restrictive diet.

The mother should continue following these guidelines for the duration of breast-feeding, since her diet directly affects the quality of her milk. “Prompted by the hormone prolactin, the alveoli take proteins, sugars, and fat from your blood supply and make breast milk. “ – BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board   Even doctors recommend complex carbohydrates, like vegetables, fruit and whole grains, for nursing mothers.

Note: This dietary change should occur 2-3 months prior to conception. A radical change in diet is not advised for pregnant or nursing women. However, these women can safely omit the top mucus forming foods (meat, dairy and soy products) from their diets.

Caution is also advised in regards to the products placed on the mother’s skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ and anything it absorbs is deposited directly into the bloodstream. Lotions and antiperspirants, etc. have many chemicals in them which can be found in breast milk.

“The studies of breast milk samples also indicate that babies in the womb are being exposed to an array of toxic and questionable chemicals. Indeed, a study looking at the umbilical cords of ten newborns identified 232 toxic chemicals that the babies had been exposed to in the womb. The brain and nervous system develop out of a string of delicate cells, and the blood-brain barrier is not fully developed until children are six months old. Many toxins (including aluminum and triclosan) can cross the blood-brain barrier. But developing fetuses and young babies are far more vulnerable to the negative effects of toxins, especially brain disorders.” – Anne

In addition to the toxins in skin products, the fetus is vulnerable to chemicals in cat litter, pest control products, cleaning solutions and sprays. Non-toxic replacements for these items can be found in Whole Foods or your local health food store. For information about a leading brand, called Eco-Cycle, visit:


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