Breast Cancer Removal Without Surgery Or Radiation

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I applaud Breast Cancer Awareness advocates for encouraging women to do regular examinations. Nevertheless, it concerns me when people view breast cancer as a disease separate from any other cancer or disease.  Then, foundations spend billions for scientists to conduct long studies searching for answers that we already have. Professor and healer, Arnold Ehret has established that the only disease is an accumulation of mucus caused by constipation… “Every disease, no matter what name it is known by Medical Science, is constipation…a clogging up of the entire pipe system of the human body. Any special symptom is therefore merely an extraordinary local constipation by more accumulated mucus at this particular place.” – Arnold Ehret

How can cancer be removed without surgery?

“It is a healing process thru which every sick person must go if he wants to be perfectly healed; it is an exclusive dietetical “curing and healing, rebuilding and regenerating process” based on the use of harmless and natural food for mankind “coined” and set biologically by the Creator in “Genesis” – “Fruits and Herbs”, or ‘MUCUSLESS DIET.” Nature will do her part if we but give her half a chance. Try it out for yourself and watch for results.” – Arnold Ehret

Why is it dangerous for the average person to attempt The Mucusless Diet without an advisor’s help?

“No other cure requires so much individual specialization and continual changing to meet the reaction of the patient. This is why people who attempt these methods of cure without expert knowledge or advice bring about serious results.” –Arnold Ehret

When the average person initiates an extreme natural healing system (i.e., fasting) they become worst before getting better. This is because symptoms, like the common cold, are suppressed early on via drugs. Symptoms are the body’s way of eliminating disease and toxins and natural remedies assist this process. If the elimination happens extremely fast, the body becomes too toxic and it could shut down permanently.

How can you reduce your risk of cancer today?

Eliminate the top five cancer causing foods: 1. Cheese (the number one cancer causing product) 2. Milk 3. Eggs 4. Soy (including fermented) 5. Meat (including poultry)

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