Is Your Menstruation Healthy?

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When a relative told me that she put her daughter on birth control to regulate her period, I felt compelled to write an alternative perspective on menstruation.   In religious material, it is called the “uncleanliness” of the woman.  Also, alternative health books claim that healthy females with a clean body or clean blood do not menstruate. Could there be some truth to these theories?

If so, then why would there be a need to make periods regular? Doctors usually see the irregularity as a sign of hormone imbalance or disease. Some doctors see the disappearance of menstruation as a sign of infertility. Then how do they explain all of the women who continue to ovulate, conceive and reproduce in the absence of menstruation?

The belief that the human body requires chemicals for any type of “regulation” is a direct result of pharmaceutical influenced advertising,  public relations and reports. We have become so removed from nature that we allow ourselves to be influenced by so many beliefs which contradict those, of the so-called “primitive world,” who eat whole foods and use natural remedies. It seems that scientific advancement has blinded us from human nature.

“The pill” received approval as an oral contraceptive in 1960 and it would not  surprise me if there were a correlation between the decline in women’s health and these human-made chemicals. Let’s explore what’s inside, the popular birth control called, Ortho Novum:

a) norethindrone: prevents ovulation, a form of progesterone a chemical hormone

b) ethinyl estradiol: acts as a growth hormone for reproductive tissues , a form of chemical estrogen

c)aluminum lake: food coloring

So, you have these human-made chemicals that women consume to prevent their divine life cycle. Potential  side-effects include:

nausea, vomiting, headache, stomach cramping/bloating, dizziness, vaginal discomfort/irritation, increased vaginal fluids, or breast tenderness/enlargement hives, nervousness, difficulty breathing, freckles or darkening of facial skin, swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat, loss of scalp hair.

Severe side-effects:

  • sudden numbness or weakness, especially on one side of the body;
  • sudden severe headache, confusion, problems with vision, speech, or balance;
  • sudden cough, wheezing, rapid breathing, coughing up blood;
  • pain, swelling, warmth, or redness in one or both legs;
  • chest pain or heavy feeling, pain spreading to the arm or shoulder, nausea, sweating, general ill feeling;
  • a change in the pattern or severity of migraine headaches;
  • pain in your upper stomach, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes);
  • a lump in your breast;
  • swelling in your hands, ankles, or feet; or
  • symptoms of depression (sleep problems, weakness, mood changes).

This is not a complete list but by now you should have an idea of the impact that this chemical has, not only on the uterus but, on the entire body. Although this is only one type of internal birth control, I have seen similar side-effects listed for others.  Birth control is linked to many negative health issues which will not be explored in this post.

[pullquote]What is really interesting, here, is that we are completely comfortable with taking a pill to stop ovulation. However, when “regular” bleeding stops there is a problem. [/pullquote]

What is really interesting, here, is that we are completely comfortable with taking a pill to stop ovulation. However, when “regular” bleeding stops there is a problem. Likewise, we think it is completely healthy when there is the regular loss of blood which is often associated with depression, discomfort or pain. Seriously?

To provide a brief holistic perspective about the relationship between the our reproductive system and the rest of our bodies, let’s examine the words of  Dr. Jewel Pookrum, “When you open up the abdominal cavities and you fold back the peritoneum, you can actually see this huge cable of nerves that come out into the pelvis and it actually looks like a horse’s tail. It’s called a Cada Equina……when you look at the uterus, it is totally covered with nerves!

You have to pull the nerves back when you do any type of surgery or manipulation on the uterus. They are very fine nerves but it’s a whole network, almost like a second or third brain that the uterus is enthralled in.  Why am I saying this? Every state of consciousness that the woman takes, the uterus is directly affected and is made directly aware of what are you are thinking.”

She said this to explain the post-hysterectomy emotions, dismissed by her male colleagues, as “hysteria.”. Clearly, the state of the uterus directly affects the nervous system which affects the entire body. Incidentally, Jewel claims to have left her medical practice, after learning that all of the hysterectomies she performed failed to solve her patient’s problems.

I first read about the disappearance of the menstrual cycle in African Holistic Health. Dr. Llaila Afrika wrote, “Contemporary menstruation occurs when the uterus is deteriorating and hemorrhaging. Menstruation is a period when the spirit and the nutrients from cellular deterioration of the egg recycles in the body.”

He continued to explain that ancient African women only lost a few drops of blood during menstruation and that Anthropological studies verify that they did not have the hemorrhaging that is now considered normal. “hemorrhaging, whether it occurs in the brain, eyes, lungs or uterus is not normal.” He claimed that African women with wholistic eating and sex habits do not menstruate.

Honestly, when I read all of this, I did not want to believe it. There were too many questionable assertions in his book. Besides, how was I going to know that I was not pregnant, if I did not have my period?

It was a concept that I was not prepared to embrace at that time. Today, my perspective is different. Find out what changed my beliefs next week as I continue to explore, “ Is Your Menstruation Healthy?

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3 Replies to “Is Your Menstruation Healthy?”

  1. Menstruation is the only process in human body which prepares you for getting pregnant. So it is definitely one of the necessary processes to have a healthy life style because during this phase only your body undergoes various hormonal changes.

    • Hi Samuel,

      I appreciate your visit and comments. Did you have an opportunity to read the entire article? My sources found cultures with women who were able to conceive and have children without menstruation. They demonstrated that menstruation is unnecessary hemorrhaging and pain caused by eating the wrong foods over a long period of time.

  2. Definitely had this experience. Once diet changed and improved, menstruation became much lighter and less painful. Fertility improved.

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