Is Your Menstruation Healthy? Probably Not…

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Last week I began writing, “Is Your Menstruation Healthy?,” and this topic is so controversial that I found it challenging to write about it.  There are women and  feminist movements who seek to remove the shame of menstruation. Women have written numerous books,  which seem to glorify menses.  Just to clarify, I fully support the removal of stigmas as long as women  remain open to the possibility that “the flow” is unhealthy.

The other reason this has been challenging is due to the absence of expert female literature. By “expert” I mean women in the healing community who have seen and/or documented a significant number of cases. Many men have written on the subject and one sources  female-led studies in his book.  Nonetheless, my  female perspective is mostly based upon women in the fruitarian and raw food communities via blogs and forums.

Some scientists have proclaimed menstruation unnatural based on observations of animals as well as humans. The most comprehensive book that I could find on the subject is THE PHYSIOLOGICAL ENIGMA OF WOMAN: The Mystery Of Menstruation by Raymond Bernard. He writes,

“Among animals living in a state of nature, except certain apes, menstruation is unknown; however under conditions of domestication, periodic bloody discharge have been observed in various animals….This menstruation of domesticated animals, in view of its absence among wild animals of the same species, clearly indicates that menstruation in such instances is unnatural and results from artificial conditions of feeding and confinement.”

Bernard makes a similar comparison between various cultures of women, “This is indicated by the statement of Wiltshire that in many savage tribes women menstruate at intervals of several months, and only at very infrequent intervals among women of Lapland, the Faroe Islands, Tierra del Fuego,  and some parts of Paraguay. In fact certain tribes are reported to exist in Brazil and India whose women are free from menstruation.”

Bernard documents many theories written about the cause of menstruation, from unnatural lifestyles to men’s sexual abuse. However the bulk of his research points to a poor diet. He also includes case studies;

“Mary Tobler in a study of 1000 cases, found only 16 percent to be free from pathological symptoms during menstruation. The following symptoms found by Tobler to be present in 840 out 1,000 normal women, clearly showing that the menstrual process, as occurring among civilized women,  is not a healthy and natural one: headache, unstable nervous state, lassitude, depression, irritability of bladder, frequent urination, digestive issues, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, painful breasts, nose-bleeds, palpitation of the heart…”

There  were many more symptoms and case studies  but it is important to note the constipation, which Ehret has proven to be the cause of most non-viral diseases. Here we have the distinct possibility that constipation, caused by poor diet, is the cause (not symptom) of menstruation.

Hippocrates may have been the first to record how the uterus becomes stressed by the body’s impurities, “The uterus is the sewer of all excrements existing  in the body; for all decrements go to the uterus”  I wonder if he also noted this in the prostate because both the male and female reproductive systems become the “sewer” once the renal system becomes overloaded.

Arnold Ehret believed that menstruation is due to toxic blood caused by high-protein intake. He claimed that a female body made perfectly clean by The Mucusless Diet failed to menstruate. “Every one of my female patients reported their menses as becoming less and less–even a two, three and four months intermission and finally disappearing, which later condition was experienced by those who went through a complete cleansing.”

Ehret explains how the endometrium becomes inflamed,  “The cause of menstruation consists in more or less chronic catarrh of the uterine mucus membrane in the presence within it of polyps, and in a diseased condition of the tubes and ovaries. The adoption of a raw fruit and vegetable diet leads to the disappearance of catarrh and discharges from the uterus, as signs of the regaining of a truly healthful condition.”

Ehret continues to describe a healthy endometrium. In the absence of hemorrhaging, ovulation continues, “Ovulation occurs without any complications, manifesting itself in traces in the form of a few drops of blood.” These few drops often go unnoticed in truly healthy patients.

Even after reading  multiple Ehret publications, I failed to grasp the severity of menstruation. I really had to experience its absence and return, in order to truly awaken. As my diet began to improve, my menstrual cycle changed. Associated pain subsided and I became more energetic.  The color became brighter and the duration less frequent. Once I began fasting and going long stretches on the Mucusless Diet, I began skipping several  months of blood loss.

When you retain your blood and have all of the energy and minerals that you would normally lose every month, you feel completely whole and vibrant.  You realize how draining menstruation really is on so many levels; physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. It’s more than about losing blood because the blood that you lose is toxic. Imagine building blood so clean that the body keeps it in circulation. The blood is the river of life in our bodies.

So naturally, after this new-found awareness, I began searching for discussions about  menstruation cessation in fruitarians. I found a few blogs in which women wrote about their own circumstances and, in comments, other women added their experiences. They continued to ovulate and conceive without menstruation. I have listed some of the blogs, below, as sources.

In case I have not made  it clear, I do not believe that the monthly flow is healthy. The darker the color and the heavier the bleeding, the more unhealthy it is. If you are having pain and/or week-long hemorrhaging you may be in danger of fibroids. If you have fibroids already, you can reverse them without an operation.

Keep in mind that menstruation is only a symptom of major issues happening within your body. When the body reaches menopause then it is no longer releasing the toxins, putting the body at risk for diseases like cancer. Although I believe menstruation is unnatural and unhealthy, I think that this new focus on menstrual suppression in dangerous. I know that natural cures of herbal cleanses and transitioning into a low-fat, low protein diet are healthier than any form of suppression offered by medical science.

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17 Replies to “Is Your Menstruation Healthy? Probably Not…”

  1. I really appreciated this post. Do not get me wrong, I have no problems with being a woman, but growing up I have always known that it did not have to be so bad for us.
    I had done much research into this topic, and have done research into NATURAL ways to suppress your menstruation, with no such luck. Most sources claimed that there was no healthy way to stop your period flow, and a few recommending oral contraceptives – which I knew were out of the question.
    This greatly bothered me, for I had overcome most of the other biological/social issues that many women endure, such as standing urination, female orgasmic disorder, physical weakness, beauty standards, etc.
    I had been a vegetarian for three years, and had noticed that my periods became consistently lighter and less painful. However, when I took a swan dive off of my diet, I had not only consumed tons of meat but also sugary foods and sweets, and my menstruation cycle had suddenly become more painful and very heavy again. When asked what I has missed most about being vegetarian, I had always said it was the lighter periods. Of course, I had been hit with many accusations that I “was lacking in iron” (which I was not) or that “I must have been underweight” (which I was not).
    However, while I was a vegetarian, I consumed many dairy products, soda, and some sweets (I was not vegan), which may have been why I still had a little pain and some monthly flow.
    I am going to ease myself into a raw food diet because after doing extensive research into this topic, I think you are right. Menstruation is NOT healthy, and humans were NOT meant to consume much of the junk we eat today. I have gone several weeks without consuming much sweets, sugar or caffeine, and I am already not experiencing any PMS symptoms.
    I look forward to becoming a happy, HEALTHY woman with a natural – not normal – menstrual cycle.

    • Hi Scarlett,
      Thanks for taking the time to visit and share your thoughts. Congratulations; first for attempting vegetarianism and then for acknowledging the changes within your body. We all have “swan dives” during our healing journey. Our willingness to maintain high expectations for ourselves, despite our shortcomings, will ultimately make us stronger. It’s good that you plan to “ease” yourself into the raw food diet and that you recognize the need for a slow transition. You will need some discipline but over time, your body will also let you know what is no longer acceptable for you to eat. Best wishes…

  2. Hello Michelle,
    Thanks very much for taking the time to write this article as well as doing the research and including your sources for further research. I came in searching because I am on my third day of menstruation and it’s getting heavier instead of lighter. I have long heard of the absence or very light periods in women but have never had any sources available to me to check it out for myself. I do know within my self that it is not natural. Anything that brings so much pain and misery could not be natural. Nature is not like that. I am on a vegetarian journey for over 7 years but this swan is under the surface constantly. I have recently made a commitment to improve my diet and I’m expecting to see some real and lasting changes – including a reduction in menstruation. I will read about the mucusless diet.

    • Hi Nattasha:) Thank you for visiting and commenting. I wish you lots of luck on your healing journey and hope that you see improvements quickly. I hope to find more sources for this post so feel free to check back. Also, please let us know about your progress…

  3. Michelle I LOVE you & I wish more women in America will do what you are doing! I am no female so I can’t give any information on menstrual cycles but little information I have gathered from women who are vegetarians & implement herbs in their diet. They state that herbs with a high iron content helps relieve cramps during cycle & sometimes it will skip a month or two. Listening to Dr. Sebi in one interview he mentioned while traveling around the world certain native women told him that females in the past only had their period once every four years. Also said that men semen was green not white. If it was true about the menstrual cycle of the woman, than I draw the conclusion that the LIFE cycle of a woman in the past were 3x’s longer than an average healthy woman today.

    • Also I forgot to mention is the (non hybrid) plants that you can find easily in America that has a high iron content & no side effects. Burdock root (tea), Yellow dock root & seeds (tea, seeds are connected to micro leaf that can be added in salads), shepards purse (entire herb into a tea or eat in salads), wild black & ras berries (gathered & made into juice or just eat) , lambs quarter & dandelion leaves (made into salads), amaranth sprouts (salads), wild cabbage (salads) Just to name a few :-).

    • Wow! That’s great info, Jr. I would love to know more about the video that you’re referring to. Thank you so much for visiting and the compliments. I agree with you in regards to the LIFE cycle. I would imagine, the same is true for men, who typically have shorter life spans.

  4. Hi Michelle, thank you so much for being on time. Ironically, I have recently transitioned completely over to an alkaline/electric vegan diet. I also just left a western doc who informed me that foods was not influencing my monthly cycles. When I questioned him about Dr. Sebi he was speechless but still disagreed based on his past experience with vegans and vegetarians but not alkaline vegans. I have experienced an abrupt absence of my menstrual cycle. I’m not complaining thanks to my diet. I do not have any of the complications that were previously associated with my cycle, like you’d be amazed. I am curious as to the lack of coverage on this topic. I saw forums on this but they were dated back to almost seven years ago. The doc even went as far as saying that my menstrual cycles should be normal and that my diet has no impact on it. I’m not concerned about that at all. I feel amazing and I’m no longer suffering with the “normal” side effects of hemorrhaging. I honestly have reconsidered everything I have been taught based on what has actually occurred to me. thanks for the post and the comments that made this topic still relevant enough for me to experience this myself. Peace y’all.

  5. I have been practicing a decent vegan diet for around four years. As I became very healthy last year, rich in fresh fruit and vegetables no junk all year, I began to experience missing periods. When I became stressed out a few months ago and ate badly (bingeing on cheese pizza and beer) I began to heavily menstruate once again. So now I return to the healthy pure high raw vegan diet, and look forward to loosing the periods altogether!! I am 32, and I hope to accomplish the complete transfiguration into totally without blood loss, zero womb hemorrhage, by 34!!!
    Thanks for your articles and intellectual support. This is an unusually advanced spiritual path.

  6. I was listening to radio on my way to work & ariana grande song came up “God is a women” & I thought of all the things that women go through.

    I took some time out of my busy schedule & decided to do some more research (I have done alot in the past already) on the “huwoman” or human female gender & came across some interesting things that I had to share with this blog.

    Parthenogenesis is an occurrence of reproducing without fertilization & it happens with plants & most animals except for mammals (which we are told). Despite the story’s of horus, buddha, jesus & a few others all human life is created through a female & a male. (They say) Well after doing some researching I come across some tiblets of info that it may not be far-fetched to think that woman can procreate themselves. I will let the readers do their on research but 1 thing I wanted to note is that in order for this “miracle” to occur is that she must be at an alkaline state & which will eliminate menstruation cycle.

    Heres a vid on some info.

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