What Would You Do?


What Would You Do?When you buy organic produce you will occasionally find a living being attached; usually, in the form of an insect. Most of them are still alive. Guess what showed up in my produce today?

The farm delivery arrived at 5 am, two hours after I went to sleep. As I was unpacking the produce, I saw a tail pointing out of the Romaine. I thought it might be a dead mouse.  I am not sure if I was too tired to react or if meditation has made me incredibly calm. I did not drop the lettuce but I definitely became alert.

I peaked under the leaves slightly and noticed that it was a tiny, lizard looking reptile.  I could not tell for sure if it was alive, so I grabbed a container with a lid and dropped the lettuce inside. I shook the romaine to see if it would fall out. Then I tried filling the container with a little filtered water to see if it would swim out.

I peaked again and it looked like its eyes were open but it did not move.  I started peeling away the leaves until I reached the leaf that it was on. No movement. Awww!

The reptile did not look like it had been dead long.  I tried to stay positive, thinking I could revive it. I added more water and a little Dulse, to the container, to make the PH level better (I have not had much experience with reptiles).

I looked at the Romaine and started wondering how the reptile died. If it was organic, the lizard would be a live, right?

Here is what I would like to know…

1.  Is it really a lizard? It’s so tiny.

2. Do they usually hang out around and/or eat lettuce? If so, how do organic farmers prevent them from eating the crop?

3. How else could it have died if it didn’t eat the lettuce?

4. What do you think you would have done if this happened to you?

5. Would you still eat the Romaine?

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2 Replies to “What Would You Do?”

  1. I once found a green snake, perhaps a garden snake in my collards. What did I do? I shoved my greens in the garbage disposal with a fork screaming non-stop!! It was alive! It moved and it looked like an anaconda as I was screaming. Yes, the reality is that it was about 6 inches which was still too much for me.
    I’m sorry I wasn’t nature oriented such as you and therefore had no forethought to keep it alive.

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