Portabella Soup

Portabella SoupThis is my favorite, of the purees that I make. It is really simple and it tastes delicious. However, the yield is really low. It could easily serve as starter for two. Though, this is usually a meal for me.

The special ingredient is red peppers. It tastes really good with green peppers but the red pepper combination is awesome. I hope you enjoy it.

Time: 25 mins?

Ingredients: (Serving 2  10 oz bowls)

4 Portabella mushrooms

2 red bell peppers, halved with core & seeds removed

½ tsp Thyme

3 tbsp olive oil

¼ cup Agave

2 tsp minced Dill


1. Add Olive oil to pot and roll around to make sure most of the bottom is covered.

2. Add red bell peppers.

3. Turn on low to medium flame. The flame should be high enough to touch the pot.

4. Cut mushrooms in half and add to pot.

5. Add Agave, Thyme and cover pot.

6.  Stir after 10 minutes to make sure all of the mushrooms and peppers are being cooked.

7. Once ingredients are cooked, there should be a good amount of juice in the pot.

8. Pour all ingredients into blender and blend, for about two minutes, into a puree. I used a Vitamix but a good blender should work.

9. Taste and decide if you would like to add more Agave or Lime, etc. The fresh dill, added to my bowl of soup, was all I needed.

This will, most likely, be my last post of the year. I feel a great need to shift my focus within, to create my 2014. This has been a good year and I would like to move to the next level to improve everything. 

Happy Holidays to you! I look forward to,hopefully, seeing you in 2014.

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